Live From Neurosurgery

Students watch as delicate neurosurgery is performed to extract tumors from the brain or pituitary glands, repair spinal column damage, implant brain pacemakers to provide deep electrical stimulation to Parkinson’s patients, or deflate dangerously ballooning aneurysms. Some operations even include removing the top of the skull, fully exposing the cranium.

To make the surgical procedures easier to understand, students hold and examine models of whole brains, bisected brains, and models showing cranial arterial circulation. They also pass around different kinds of sutures including dissolving and non-dissolving types. Audience members learn about anatomy, risk factors for brain and spine injuries or diseases, and careers in neurology research and medicine.

Live From Neurology Surgery procedures are performed by Dr. Richard Hodosh, MD, F.A.C.S., at Overlook Medical Center in Summit, NJ.

In addition to seeing the Live From Surgery program in the Interactive Theater at Liberty Science Center, students can simultaneously participate in Live From Surgery from one or more classrooms via videoconference.

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