• Beyond Rubik's Cube

    Beyond Rubik's Cube

    Until November 30, 2014

    Well, we finally did it. We built the world's first museum exhibition about the Rubik's Cube. 7,000 sq ft of games, puzzles, history, art, and engineering, all inspired by Ernő Rubik's best-selling masterpiece.

    4th Floor

  • Adventures with Clifford The Big Red Dog

    Adventures with Clifford The Big Red Dog

    Until September 14, 2014

    Board the Birdwell Island ferry and journey to the world of Clifford, America’s beloved big red dog with a heart to match.

    4th Floor

  • Block Party

    Block Party

    Until September 14, 2014

    Back by Popular Demand!

    Young visitors can make thousands of elaborate creations with our oversized foam shapes.

    4th Floor

  • Communication


    Discover the ingenious ways humans communicate, from totem poles, to body language to sound waves.

    3rd Floor

  • da Vinci Surgical Robot Exhibit

    da Vinci Surgical Robot Exhibit

    Practice on simulators used by surgeons-in-training which combine 3D HD vision, specialized instruments, and a far wider range of motion than a hand can make.

    1st Floor

  • Eat and Be Eaten

    Eat and Be Eaten

    Visit live animals and discover their tricks for catching food without becoming dinner themselves.

    3rd Floor

  • Energy Quest

    Energy Quest

    Find out what our energy choices are and how we harness Earth's diverse resources.

    4th Floor

  • Honey Bees: Home Is Where the Hive Is

    Honey Bees: Home Is Where the Hive Is

    Honey bees are so important to our ecosystem and to the well-being of plants, animals, and humans alike. This new permanent exhibit gives a close-up view of a beehive so visitors can learn more about these essential creatures.

    3rd Floor Corridor

  • I Explore

    I Explore

    Exhibits and free weekday classes exclusively for scientists ages 2-5.

    2nd Floor

  • Infection Connection

    Infection Connection

    Do you know where microbes lurk? Find out how to stay healthy the fun way!

    3rd Floor

  • Lightning Show

    Lightning Show

    Explore the excitement of electricity with singing Tesla coils, robotic drums, and wireless illumination. Twin solid-state one million-volt Tesla coils produce bursts of musical lightning in our dazzling new show.

    JD Williams Science Theater, 2nd Floor

  • Nano Mini-Exhibition

    Nano Mini-Exhibition

    Nano is an interactive exhibition that engages family audiences in nanoscale science, engineering, and technology.

    4th Floor

  • Our Hudson Home

    Our Hudson Home

    Learn about the vast river just outside our doors and meet some of the creatures that make it their home.

    4th Floor

  • PixelPalooza


    Jump right in! Uncover a hidden picture as you wave and leap around to clear pixels from the huge screen.

    4th Floor Landing

  • Rebuild by Design

    Rebuild by Design

    Promoting Resilience Through Innovative Planning and Design

    View project ideas aimed at addressing structural and environmental vulnerabilities that Hurricane Sandy exposed in communities throughout the region. 

    4th Floor Corridor

  • Skyscraper!


    Enter a cityscape of towers and discover what it takes to design and build the world's tallest skyscrapers. See 9/11 artifacts.

    1st Floor

  • Touch Tunnel

    Touch Tunnel

    Can you navigate a twisting, turning, pitch-black tunnel using only your sense of touch? Don't miss our most popular exhibition!

    3rd Floor

  • Wildlife Challenge

    Wildlife Challenge

    Seasonal | Open June 7 - September 2
    Climb, crawl and balance like an animal through this outdoor obstacle course. Enter from Governors Hall near main staircase on the 2nd Floor. May be closed during inclement weather.

    Outdoors, 2nd Floor

  • Wonder Why

    Wonder Why

    One of our most popular exhibitions! Make a 6-foot bubble, climb a rock wall and enjoy tons more!

    3rd Floor