Talk about a “moving” experience!  The Pulseworks Motion Simulator takes guests on intense “voyages” to far-off places.  Climb aboard for spectacular five-minute experiences including Grand Prix Raceway, JetPack, Diving with Dolphins, Solar Coaster, and Glacier Run!

Trips are $5.00 per person and up to eight people can ride at once. Look for Pulseworks Motion Simulator adjacent to the main staircase at the east end of Governors Hall on the Second Floor.  Opens daily at 10:00 am, and the last ride is ten minutes before closing time.


Grand Prix Raceway – Experience a heater Formula 1 race with heart-stopping crossover section and high-stress turns as your engine revs at maximum RPMs to carry you to victory.

JetPack – Keep steady as you fly by skyscrapers and feel the rush as you weave through speeding cars on the highway.

Solar Coaster – Dodge asteroids, whiz past the moons of Jupiter, and fly through the rings of Saturn as you rocket through the solar system.

Diving with Dolphins – Glide effortlessly through the ocean, explore a colorful coral reef, and see exotic fish!

Glacier Run – Glide downhill through breathtaking arctic landscapes and glacial mountain ranges while basking under the colorful display of the beautiful northern lights.