Science Camp Courses 2019

This year, we have amazing new courses for campers entering grades 1-8, and some LSC favorites. Find the course that best fits your camper.

Explorers (entering grade 1)

Code Creators

Design, create, and animate! Learn basic computer skills to code your own animations and interactive stories. Use critical-thinking skills to program robots to move and interact with the world around them.

Force Academy

Are you ready to use the Force like a real Jedi? Develop your knowledge of the forces behind Sir Isaac Newton's three laws of motion. Academy members will design machines to test the different forces around them as they complete engineering design challenges.

My Kinda Science!

Find your inner scientist. Are you a physicist ready to design the perfect parachute? Maybe you're a supercool chemist unraveling the secrets of slime. Explore different branches of science each day so you can discover your favorite “kinda” science.

What Color Is Science?

Awaken your senses to the colorful and vibrant world within each science discipline. Explore geology and grow your own colorful crystals. Investigate ways to refract light to create rainbows. Learn how acidity affects color, discover nature’s palette, and more.

Scientists (entering grades 2 and 3)

LEGO WeDo® Robotics

LEGO® and technology collide in this hands-on robotics course. Using LEGO WeDo® technology, campers will team up to explore and discover through active building, problem solving, and collaboration as they tackle a series of engineering challenges.

Eyes on the Skies

Get to know our solar system and night sky in the Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium, the biggest planetarium in the Western Hemisphere. Model the motion of our Sun, Moon, and home planet, then learn to find constellations. Hands-on activities—from making craters to modeling the scale of the universe—will help to bring the world of astronomy to life.

Lift Off!

Take off on a high-flying summer adventure! Investigate and test the dynamics of flight by building and launching different aircraft models. Learn about combustion and trajectory by launching rockets. The sky's the limit as we explore the science of aeronautics.

Wizard Academy

Fill your bag of wizarding tricks as you investigate the science behind chemical potions, spells, invisibility, levitation, and more. Build glowing wands, whip up bubbling brews of slime, and become a master of illusion.

Creative Coding

Discover the world of programming through TYNKER®, which lets your imagination lead the way. Bring an original story to life by creating an interactive adventure using code blocks to program animated characters, sounds, and music.

Carnival Science

Let’s build a science carnival! Apply the scientific principles of force and motion, gravity, potential and kinetic energy, friction, simple machines, and more to design, engineer, and build an array of carnival games.

Innovators (entering grades 4 and 5)

Culinary Chemists

Who knew science could taste so good. Learn the chemistry of food as you experiment with your taste buds. Test how temperature affects your favorite treats and how to make ice cream without a freezer.

Super Sleuths

Guilty or innocent? LSC’s champion Olympic rodent athletes are missing. We have a suspect! Using forensic tests and techniques, analyze the evidence to help prove their guilt or innocence.

Invent a High-Tech Toy

Calling all aspiring inventors! Design and build the next generation of interactive toys. Explore electricity by designing and illuminating paper circuits. Engineer and prototype interactive toys using Makey Makey, textile electronics, and more.

Astronomy Exploration

Discover why LSC is the place for space. In the Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium—the biggest planetarium in the Western Hemisphere—explore nebulae and black holes, and even travel through time. View moons and planets in vivid detail with Science on a Sphere, a six-foot illuminated globe. Explore the constellations, make lunar observations, build telescopes, and pretty much master the universe.

Dueling Robots

Imagine designing your own robot and sending it into battle! In this fast-paced robotics course using LEGO® Mindstorms® EV3 technology, apply your knowledge of robot construction and computer programming to create machines that are able to sense and interact with their surroundings and competitors.

Game Animation Studio

Get your game on! Learn essential programming concepts to create animations with sound effects and interactive dialogue. Use block coding to design and bring to life your own unique characters.

Endangered Zone

Dinosaurs, dodos, and woolly mammoths. What do they have in common? You will never see one alive because extinction is forever. Become a biodiversity advocate by alerting the community about the plight of a threatened or endangered species and learn that you can make a difference.

Visionaries (entering grades 6, 7, and 8)

Science of Sailing

LSC, in partnership with North Cove Sailing School, offers an introduction to the math, science, and engineering principles that power sailing vessels. Campers will learn the ropes with the camp staff at the Science Center then board a real sailboat on the Hudson River to put their new skills to work.

Virtual Reality

Create your own alternate reality where the only limit is your imagination! Learn coding and design principles to develop your immersive world and bring it to life as you experience it with AR/VR goggles. Campers will be able to access what they have created any time, using their phone or tablet.

Science Thrill Rides

The surprise of sudden drops, twists, and turns are why we call roller coasters “thrill rides.” Investigate the laws of physics to have a better understanding of their design and technology. Measure the forces firsthand as we journey to Six Flags Great Adventure to experience the exciting science for ourselves.

A Puzzling Escape

Time is of the essence and the clock is ticking—the Science Center is in danger! Use logic, mathematics, circuitry, and 3D printing to create ciphers, design codes, and solve puzzles. To save LSC, campers will collaborate to solve five intertwining puzzles. Can you obtain the five keys that unlock a mysterious smoking box in time to guarantee everyone’s safety?

Video Game Designer

Evolve from player to video game designer this summer! Use Stencyl® to build your programming skills by learning to create your own characters and develop new levels and challenges to stump competitors. Campers take their games home to continue the fun.

Bots for Change

Can the bond between humans and other animals be strengthened by robots? Inspired by their love of our four-legged friends, campers will use LEGO® Mindstorms® EV3 technology to create a robotic assistant devoted to animal care, health, or quality of life.