Science Camp Courses 2020

This year, we have amazing new courses for campers entering grades 1-8, and some LSC favorites. Find the course that best fits your camper.

Explorers (entering grade 1)

Code Creators

Design, create, and animate! Bring your animations and interactive stories to life as you are introduced to block coding and computational thinking. Hands-on learning begins as you program your robots to move and respond to the world around them.

My Kinda Science!

Find your inner scientist. Are you a physicist eager to test the laws of gravity by launching parachutes into the air? Maybe you are a chemist investigating how properties of matter can change when combined. Each day, explore a different branch of science so you can discover which is your favorite “kinda” science.

Colorful Science

Awaken your senses to the colorful worlds within science. Visit our Microbes Rule! exhibition to see how artists grow bacteria to create art. Explore geology and grow your own vibrant crystals. Investigate ways to refract light to create rainbows, tie dye using chemistry, test how robots can track color, and more.

Animal Detective

LSC’s renowned chef was shocked to find out that something has stolen her baked goods. Meet the suspects up close with live animal encounters in our Eat and Be Eaten exhibition. Gather and analyze the evidence of tracks, scats, feathers, fur, and more to help us solve this mystery.

Scientists (entering grades 2 and 3)

Superhero Adventures

Test your super-human strength with Thor’s hammer, levitate objects, blast targets from across the room, and more. Soar to new heights as you walk the I-beam in the Skyscraper exhibition. Learn the science behind some of your favorite superpowers to design your own new superhero to save us all. Find inspiration as we visit our new featured exhibition, DC Super Heroes.

From Fiction to Fact

Awaken your imagination as science from your favorite fiction stories comes alive. Each day we will jump into different adventures. Use your senses like Dav Pilkey’s Dog Man. Explore how temperature affects matter in Frozen. Test how fast the Grinch can sled to Whoville using simple machines. Design animated characters and storyboard their adventures in your own science-inspired story.

Dino Discovery

Unearth clues left during the era of dinosaurs. Analyze real fossils, have live animal encounters with dinosaur relatives and excavate at LSC’s new, permanent Dino Dig exhibition. Travel off site to a NJ fossil bed where you will actively dig for real fossils to take home.

LEGO WeDo® Robotics

LEGO® and technology collide in this hands-on robotics course. Using LEGO WeDo® technology, team up to explore and discover through active building, problem solving, and collaboration to tackle a series of engineering challenges.

Destination: Mars

When Earth can no longer support humans, we’ll have no other choice but to look upwards—to Mars! Journey through space to find the Red Planet in the Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium. Investigate its rocky terrain up-close using Science on a Sphere. With your team of scientists, design a Sphero-driven rover that can handle the terrain. Explore whether Mars could someday be our next destination.

Creative Coding

Discover the world of programming through Tynker®, which lets your imagination lead the way. Bring an original story to life by creating an interactive adventure using block coding to program animated characters, dialogue, and sounds.

Innovators (entering grades 4 and 5)

Messy Science

Roll up your sleeves and explore chemistry with bubbling chemical reactions, exploding paint and squishing polymers. Try to stop the pop and blow square bubbles. Dive into physics with splattering pendulums. Get ready to have fun as we unleash the messy side of science.

Astronaut Boot Camp

Congratulations, cadet. You have been accepted! First, you need knowledge—explore the stars, moons, planets and galaxies up close using Science on a Sphere and the Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium. Second comes skills—brush up on your piloting and then take a virtual ride through space in the planetarium. Third comes exploration—build tools, harness solar energy to power your equipment, and design a sustainable habitat.

LEGO® Robotics

Enter the world of robotics and competition through this hands-on introductory course. Learn to use LEGO Mindstorms® EV3 technology to build a fully autonomous robot that you can control. Design, program, and problem-solve as your team works to complete various engineering challenges.

Race Car Science

Buckle up and enter the world of automotive engineering. Test the physics of car crashes using Vernier sensors to measure and predict how energy transfer occurs when objects collide. Use real-time data to measure how car design affects speed. Use your knowledge of force and aerodynamics to design and assembly your team’s own life-sized “race car.”

Monsters & Motion

Take your first steps into the world of movie making. Use your imagination to design and build your own stop-motion animated adventure. Explore the science and art of light, optics, forced perspective, and storyboarding to bring to life your own “friendly” monster and digital story.

Fundamental Game Design

Design your own interactive video game using the Construct 3 game engine. This platform sets a foundation of computational thinking – an essential skill in today’s tech driven world. Learn and refine your skills in game design, logic, and programming.

Visionaries (entering grades 6, 7, and 8)

Brace Yourself

Combine your love of animals with modern technology to give them a second chance. Using 3D print technology, take on the role of bio-engineer to design and build prototypes of prosthetic assistive devices for animal models. Help to inspire ways to improve mobility and quality of life.

Science of Sailing

LSC, in partnership with North Cove Sailing School, offers an introduction to the math, science, and engineering principles that power sailing vessels. Learn the ropes with the camp staff at the Science Center then board a real sailboat on the Hudson River to put the new skills to work.

Virtual Reality World Design

Create your own alternate reality where the only limit is your imagination! Learn coding and design principles to develop your immersive world and bring it to life as you experience it with AR/VR goggles. Be able to access what you have created any time using a phone or tablet.


Use Lego Mindstorm EV3® technology to design and build your own Robo-Pal. Program your new robotic friend to retrieve items, tell you a joke, or dance along with you. Come join the fun!


It’s too late! The outbreak is upon us. Learn about microbes by visiting our Microbes Rule! exhibition, then identify bacteria using laboratory techniques like gram-staining and agar plates. Explore how microbes can be transmitted and how quickly they can spread. If you can’t control the outbreak, you might need to get out!