Science Camp Courses: 2018

We have amazing new courses for campers entering grades 1 - 8, and some LSC favorites. Find the course that best fits your camper.

Explorer Level (entering grade 1)

Animals Among Us
We share our world with many furry, scaly, feathered, and other animal friends. Through encounters with live animals, animal professionals, and hands-on activities, learn how animals and people enhance each other’s lives. Veterinary science, service animals, outdoor explorations, and more will be included in daily themes.

Rockin’ Robots
Join fellow campers in an exploration of the world of robotics. Using Cubelets, mBots, and other cool tools, discover what defines a robot, how they communicate, and why this technology is transforming the world around us.

Force Academy
Calling all passionate Padawans! Develop your knowledge of the forces behind Sir Isaac Newton's three laws of motion. Academy members will join together to test different forces, friction, and more as they complete a variety of engineering design challenges.

My Kinda Science!
Dive in and discover the scientist within you! Are you a physicist able to design the perfect parachute? Maybe you’re a super cool chemist formulating the secret behind slime. Explore the mysteries of the world around you as we discover your favorite kinda science.

Scientist Level (entering grades 2 & 3)

The Call of the Wild
Nurture the naturalist within you. Discover the diversity of life around us by investigating a variety of different plant and animal species, build a sample ecosystem to take home, visit with our resident bee colonies, interact behind the scenes with LSC’s amazing animal collection, and more.

Dino Detective
Calling all future paleontologists! We need you to unearth the clues left behind by dinosaurs. Compare bone and skull structure, build your own fossil, interact with dinos’ living relatives, and investigate why these majestic creatures are not living today.

LEGO WeDo® Robotics
LEGO® and technology collide in our new robotics course! Using LEGO WeDo® technology, campers ignite their natural desire to explore and discover through active building, problem solving, and collaboration as they solve different challenges. Note: Campers do not keep these robots after the program.

Astro Stars
Explore everything from stars to black holes to distant galaxies in our new Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium, the largest and most technologically advanced planetarium in the Western Hemisphere. Study planets in vivid detail using our new six foot animated globe, Science on a Sphere. Hands-on activities from building simple telescopes to modeling the scale of the universe will bring astronomy to life.

Diary of a Science Kid
Unleash the science behind some favorite stories and movies. Investigate and explore the worlds of biology, chemistry, physics and engineering from selections such as Captain Underpants®, Descendants®, Despicable Me®, Dr. Seuss tales, and more!

Art & Science
Awaken your senses to the colorful and artistic world of science. Through hands-on exploration and discovery, campers will explore the worlds of geology, chemistry, math, and more to open their eyes to just how vibrant the world can be.

Innovator Level (entering grades 4 & 5)

Creative Coding
Discover the world of programming through TYNKER®, which lets your imagination lead the way. Bring your story to life by creating an interactive adventure using code blocks to program animated characters, sounds, and music. No prior programming experience required.

Enter the wonderful world of robotics through this introductory course. Using LEGO® Mindstorms® EV3 technology, build a fully autonomous robot that you can program to conquer every challenge it encounters. NOTE: Campers do not keep robots after the program.

Secret Agent
Enlisting all secret agents! Receive special instructions and enter the world of espionage. Join the ranks, design spy gadgets, crack codes, navigate mazes, and save the Science Center from an evil foe as the clock ticks down. No mission is impossible with the proper training!

Astronomy Exploration
Let’s make the most of LSC’s new Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium, the largest and most technologically advanced planetarium in the Western Hemisphere. Campers will soar deep into the universe to explore nebulae and black holes, and even travel through time. Study moons and planets in vivid detail with our new Science on a Sphere, a six-foot animated globe. Explore the constellations, make lunar observations, build telescopes, and more.

Challenge in a Box
Challenge yourself to lead the next wave of innovators. Campers will work collaboratively in teams to design and build prototype devices to solve a variety of challenges. Connect science, design, technology, engineering, and math together in a fun, engaging way.

Introduction to Video Game Design
Using TYNKER® programming, delve into the world of video game design. Build a fun and animated single-player game that you can share with your friends. Campers will learn essential programming concepts that will allow them to build their own gaming world full of heroes, villains, sounds, dialogue, and animations. No prior programming experience required.

Messy Science
Ready to get your hands messy? Have fun diving into chemistry, biology, and physics to uncover the messy science all around us. Take a closer look at things that squish, fizz, bubble, pop, gush, and splat!

On Fire
This program is hot, hot, hot! Campers will light up learning about thermodynamics, combustion, exothermic reactions, fire tornadoes, and more. Thermal energy and safety go hand in hand in this sizzling new course.

Nature Inspired: Biomimicry
Step into the world of biomimicry to understand how humans have been inspired by nature to design tomorrow’s newest innovation. Exploring reverse engineering and function, campers will turn their ideas into their own nature-inspired invention.

Visionary Level (entering grades 6, 7 & 8)

STEM Sailing
LSC, in partnership with North Cove Sailing School, offers an introduction to the math, science, and engineering principles that power sailing vessels. During this special one-week-only course, campers will learn the ropes with the camp staff at the Science Center then board a real sailboat on the Hudson River to put their new skills to work.

Rock Show
Music and lasers collide this summer in our newly renovated LSC Giant Dome Theater. Call on your creative side to learn how to blend music with laser light animation and imagery to design and choreograph your own visual production.

CSI: Forensic Science
Several popular television shows have put forensic science in the spotlight. Now it's your turn to solve a mystery! Explore the world of forensic science using investigative techniques and scientific methods like DNA analysis, toxicology, entomology, and even virtual autopsies to crack the case.

Rebuilding after the Zombie Apocalypse
The apocalypse is upon us, bringing down the electrical grid and upending life as we know it. Rebuild with science! Learn the survival “Rule of Threes” as you build shelters, design water purification devices, and engineer vertical gardens. Create solar ovens, make electricity-generating devices, and figure out how to help civilization plug in again.

Video Game Designer
Evolve from player to video game designer this summer! Utilizing Stencyl®, strengthen your programming skills by learning to build your own characters and develop new levels and challenges to stump competitors. Campers will take their games home to continue the fun.

Brace Yourself
Give animals a second chance with 3D printing. Campers will take on the role of a bioengineer to design and build prototypes of prosthetic assistive devices for animal models to improve mobility and quality of life.

Cosplay Costume Design
Embark on a journey of inspiration, design, fabrication, and vacu-forming. Using our state of the art MakerLab, campers will employ these new technologies and processes to create a one-of-a-kind sci-fi or fantasy costume to take home.