Engineering Everywhere

From cool little gadgets to massive architectural creations, engineers plan and build problem-solving marvels that touch our lives in ways we barely notice.

From Feb. 14 - 23, LSC is celebrating engineers and engineering in its annual Engineering Everywhere event! We showcase amazing technology, welcome expert engineers as our special guests, and encourage you and your family to try your hand at engineering skills in special labs and experiences throughout the building.

Build a model airplane and test its aerodynamic properties in our Wind Tunnel Lab. Enter a fantasy world when you slip on virtual-reality goggles. Get hands-on with Cubelets, check out themed theater shows, and take a look behind-the-scenes at the engineering marvels that make the Science Center run.

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You'll also get to discover the future of robotics when you see the work of LSC's Artist-in-Residence, Chico MacMurtrie!

MacMurtrie is a creative, innovative robotics expert. See work from his series Border Crossers in progress as MacMurtrie and his team construct a piece in Governors Hall.

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The engineering adventures continue throughout the whole building!

Over in our premium exhibition, Angry Birds Universe, you’ll learn the fundamentals of physics as you use a slingshot to knock down the pig’s castle that you construct yourself. It’s a real-life version of the iconic Angry Birds games!

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Visit LSC’s Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium, the biggest planetarium in America, and discover the engineering marvels behind the latest space technology. Thanks to engineers, we continue to learn new, amazing things about our universe!

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Young kids can discover the wonders of engineering in our exhibition specifically made for early learners, I Explore! In our popular exhibition for children ages 2-5, guests will build race cars, learn shapes, and explore the building blocks of lifelong learning.


Even animals have a lot to teach us about engineering. Ever wonder how our naked mole rats build their tunnels or how leaf cutter ants build their gardens? Stop by our Eat and Be Eaten exhibition and learn from the most talented engineers around!

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We will be open extra hours every day, so you'll have plenty of time to explore and play! Don’t miss the fun! Click here to get tickets now.