Founder, Dioscorides Global Holdings
EVP of Business Development, Global Thermostat

Mr. Bronfman is an entrepreneur, environmentalist, and Grammy-nominated music producer based in New York City. He is a principal and EVP of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships at Global Thermostat, LLC, which he started with Columbia University economist Graciela Chichilinsky and fellow Columbia professor Peter Eisenberger in 2007. GT has patented technology that separates CO2 molecules from the atmosphere. By using waste heat from industrial locations, GT is able to pull CO2 out of ambient air or flue gases. GT's unique process is the world's first carbon negative solution. The firm developed its technology at Stanford Research Institute with development partners BASF, Corning, and Georgia Tech Laboratories.

Bronfman is also a commissioner for the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies in Washington, DC, an ambassador for Formula E, and a recipient of the Global Green Sustainable Design Award.