Search for dinosaur fossils in Dino Dig, our outdoor, authentic digging site

Dino Dig is back for Summer 2018, beginning June 30!

At LSC's popular outdoor fossil site, you're invited to uncover massive dinosaur bones by digging through 35 tons of sand. Look for more than 60 fossils, many of them replicas of those discovered in Montana by Jack Horner, the famed paleontologist who inspired Jurassic Park.

In your journey, you might uncover T. rex bones and teeth, an egg nest with a baby Maiasaura, a 6-foot-long Triceratops skull, and even a dragonfly fossil! You can also experience our NEW Raptor Zone, with full skeletons of a Velociraptor and a Deinonychus.

Fossils tell scientists detailed stories of the past. What can you learn from what you find?

Visitor info

Location: 2nd Floor, outside

Dates: June 30 – Sept. 3

The exhibition may be closed during inclement weather.

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