Embark on an adventure through the Pride Lands and protect the Circle of Life

The Lion Guard: The Exhibit, LSC’s newest adventure for young learners, is now open!

Based on Disney Junior’s hit series The Lion Guard, the exhibition takes guests on an adventure through the Pride Lands, the magnificent kingdom first introduced in The Lion King. Kids will be inspired to protect the Circle of Life, train in the Lion Guard’s secret lair, explore the power of teamwork by going on special missions, and learn about the African savanna and the animals that live there.

The exhibition also includes the “Little Lion Guard,” an area where younger kids can engage in activities of exploration, creativity, and skill building.

Experience The Lion Guard: The Exhibit at LSC from Feb. 16 through Sept. 8.

Visitor info

Location: 3rd Floor

Experience this exhibition at LSC from Feb. 16, 2019 through Sept. 8, 2019.

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  • Embark on an adventure in the baobab tree, and help recover stolen eggs, search for yummy grubs, and try to reach the baobab fruit hanging high in the tree-top
  • Build a bridge across the flooded river and help save baby animals from a landslide
  • Go down the slide, swing on the rope, and practice your physical fitness while training in the Lion Guard Lair
  • Find your way through a maze, using strategic thinking and problem-solving skills, to help return the baby zebra back to its mother
  • Show off your loudest roar to send the hyenas running back to their habitat
  • Practice telling a story using pictures, just like Rafiki does. Use paintbrushes and water to tell your story
  • Take your picture with characters from The Lion Guard, including Kion, Fuli, and Bunga

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