Today at LSC


Thomas & Friends™: Explore the Rails

All aboard for a trainload of adventures!

Dream Machine

Explore different emotions in this interactive, sensory adventure

LSC Favorites

Bees to Bots

Check out our honey bees—and the surprisingly high-tech world of bee science

Universe Revealed: Views from the Hubble Space Telescope

Marvel at spectacular images of the far reaches of the universe


A hands-on exhibit that shows the many ways humans connect and exchange ideas

Eat and Be Eaten

Meet fascinating creatures that use their natural adaptations to survive in the wild

Energy Quest

Explore the major sources of Earth’s energy

Hoberman Sphere

Hundreds of scissor-like connectors expand and contract the globe all day

I Explore

A bright, engaging space for young learners

Infection Connection

See how infectious diseases spread and learn what we can do about it

Infinity Climber

Get a new view, 35 feet in the air

Nano Mini-Exhibition

Explore the science of extremely small things

Our Hudson Home

Learn about the vast river just outside our doors, and the creatures who live in it


Explore the planning, design, engineering, and technology of these amazing structures

Touch Tunnel

Use your senses to navigate a pitch-black tunnel

Wonder Why

Playful hands-on experiments delight guests of all ages

Pixel Art

Make your mark on our colorful giant wall installation