A mysterious gallery of visual, perceptual, and audio illusions

Illusion: Nothing Is As It Seems contains dozens of thought-provoking exhibits. Explore principles rooted in magic, art, neuroscience, physics, biology, psychology, and technology.

Gaze into a mirror and watch yourself morph into your inner animal. See how theaters, haunted houses, dark amusement park rides, and magic tricks use a special effects technique called Pepper’s Ghost to deceive you. Let a colony of illuminated bugs crawl up your arm! The exhibit includes optical, perceptual, and audio illusions. Science and art intersect in this mind-boggling, mesmerizing exhibition.

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How much time for exhibit?
30 minutes
Fourth Floor

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  • See your inner animal in a mirror.
  • Attract a swarm of illuminated bugs.
  • View a human figure made of light.

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