Go where few would dare to explore in this thrilling 3D film!

Volcanoes: bold, beautiful, and deadly. Go where few would dare to explore in Volcanoes: The Fires of Creation, playing in 3D at Liberty Science Center!

Join intrepid explorer Carsten Peter as he dodges boulders at the edge of an active volcano in Indonesia, descend to a boiling lava lake in Vanuatu, and visit incredible acid ponds, geysers, and mineral deposit fields in Ethiopia. Explore across the globe to see the archeological ghost town of Pompeii, hydrothermal vents at the bottom of the ocean, and witness the devastating effects of the 2018 Kilauea eruption in Hawaii.

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Location: Joseph D. Williams 3D Science Theater

Duration: 25 minutes

Available with the purchase of a Combination or Premium Pass

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