Family Weekend Series

Family Weekend Series

Spend a Saturday morning learning about science and technology concepts together. These hands-on sessions are perfect for families with children ages 4-11.

Each session is $25 per participant, $20 for LSC Members, and runs from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm. Price includes science center admission for the day! Call us at 201.253.1310 or email us at to reserve a spot.

2017-18 Schedule

OCTOBER 28: Creative Chemistry

Learn to describe and classify materials by their observable properties. Explore whether chemical changes in materials are reversible or not.

NOVEMBER 4: Circuits Circus

See how electricity works and test various materials to see if they can conduct an electric current.

DECEMBER 9: Thinking Outside the Box

Kids can design whatever they can dream, in this engineering design challenge.

JANUARY 27: Ready for Robots

Explore how robots of all shapes and sizes respond to their environments in a hands-on introduction to robotics.

FEBRUARY 24: Me and My mBot

Explore the basics behind coding using fun little Bee Bots and mBots.

MARCH 10: It’s Morphi Time!

Get an introduction to 3D printing and our MakerLab as you build objects using the iPad app Morphi

APRIL 14: Oh No, Oil Spill!

See how oil spills adversely affect the environment, and learn ways that humans can develop solutions.

MAY 5: Bridging the Gap

Junior civil engineers can study and practice the science behind bridge design.

JUNE 2: Aviation Destination

Build model planes and kites, and test their ability to take flight!