Human Flying Machine Demo at LSC

LSC’s Fall Fest celebration is underway, and we’re soaring to even greater heights the weekend of Oct. 12–14! These three days, you’re invited to join us for an incredibly unique Fall Fest adventure, as Mariah Cain from Team DragonAir takes flight on her personal flying machine!

Mariah Cain and Team DragonAir are competitors in GoFly, a worldwide $2 million competition to invent a personal flying machine that is safe, quiet, ultra-compact, and takes off vertically. Team DragonAir is testing their flying machine (known as AirBoard) right here at the Science Center, and you can see all the action live and in person!

On Oct. 12-14, join us for flying demos at 11:00 am and 2:00 pm, plus Q&As and viewings of the hovercraft up close.

It’s a can’t-miss experience this fall season! Get tickets now for Oct. 12, 13, or 14. This special event is included in your LSC general admission ticket.