LSC After Dark travels back to Ancient Greece for 'Grecian Gala' party

LSC After Dark

Last night, people followed the siren call and headed straight to Liberty Science Center for our “Grecian Gala” party!

“Grecian Gala,” the latest in our monthly LSC After Dark series for guests 21 and over, was an epic party inspired by Greco-Roman mythology, philosophy, and mathematics. Fitting with the theme, many people showed up to LSC dressed in togas, showing off their creativity and craft while sipping on cocktails like a Greek Mojito and Santorini Sunrise.

<i>Love the costumes! </i>
<i>So creative!</i>

In addition to exploring all the exhibits in the building, this month guests got to use their brains and brawn in the Hercules Challenge, a nail-biting test of strength inspired by the Labours of Hercules.The Hercules Challenge included obstacles such as shooting targets with bow and arrows and untying rope knots. It was tricky, but many of our guests successfully made it through the twelve labors and proved their worth to the gods!

<i>The Hercules Challenge</i>
<i>The Hercules Challenge</i>

Since it wouldn’t be an Ancient Greek partywithout the Olympics, we brought out a very special “LSC version” of the Olympics – the Rat Olympics! Guests watched as our rats showed off their natural abilities by engaging in a series of obstacles that included hurdles, high jumps, tight ropes, and high dives.

Other activities included a Pottery Lab, where attendees got to learn about the methods and history behind Ancient Greek pottery.

<i>The Pottery Lab</i>

Over in the massive IMAX Dome Theater, guests experienced our David Bowie Laser Show, brought back by popular demand.

In the Block Party exhibit, people participated in an Arch Lab and learned how Ancient Romans built their arches. In Infection Connection, guests competed in Aphrodite’s Blind Challenge. As we all know, Aphrodite was the goddess of love. For this challenge, guests raced to make safe sex decisions without using their sight.

Guests also got to participate in a philosophy discussion with Dr. Yunus Tuncel, inventor of the Philomobile app, and learn about the philosophy that motivated the behaviors of the Greek gods.

<i>Philosophy lecture</i>

We also introduced “Innovations Funded on Indiegogo,” the first in a series of up-and-coming entrepreneurs. This month, we showcased the Fizzics Draft Beer System, an invention that turns any can or bottle of beer into a tap-flavor taste.

All night, the team from Fizzics poured beers from Empire Brewing Company and Dark City Brewing Company for guests to enjoy. Keeping in line with the Ancient Greek theme, we also offered a Wine Tasting, courtesy of Jersey Wine and Spirits.

<i>Fizzics Draft Beer System</i>
<i>Wine tasting</i>

Our emcee Hayoner, LSC After Dark Ambassador ChicpeaJC, and DJ Dramos helped keep things bouncing on the dance floor, with toga contests and dance-off. It was a wild night!

<i>On the dance floor</i>
<i>On the dance floor</i>
<i>On the dance floor</i>

Thanks again to everyone who came out to LSC After Dark: Grecian Gala. Tickets are available for the next LSC After Dark party, “Nerd Prom,” on June 15. Now’s your chance to re-do your prom and do it right – with incredible, cutting-edge technology that’s simply way too cool for your high school gymnasium. Get tickets now.

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