Crime solving at LSC

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On February 8, when most of New York was closing up shop due to Nemo, students from The Browning School braved the snow to help solve a crime at Liberty Science Center.

Well, a mock crime. These talented students were scheduled to participate in LSC’s Forensic Science Laboratory Workshop. The workshop is just one of the many hands-on programs LSC offers teachers looking for a more in-depth field trip experience.

By conducting burn tests, blood splatter analyses and much more, the students extended their learning experience beyond the classroom and identified the perpetrator of a mock crime. Check out The Browning School’s Blog to hear what their science teacher had to say about their visit.

Students visit a mock crime scene at LSC.

They gather and study clues necessary for solving the crime.

Students conduct a variety of tests to learn more about the mock crime.

By the end of the lab program, students use the evidence they've gathered to identify the suspect who committed the crime!

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