Last chance for Dino Dig!

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It has been a fantastic summer, but Jack Horner's Dino Dig is coming to a close (or should we say...going extinct?) for the season on Monday, September 4.

Don't miss your last chance to uncover massive dinosaur bones by digging through 35 tons of sand. Look for over 50 Late Cretaceous fossils, replicas of those discovered in Montana by Jack Horner, the famed paleontologist who inspired Jurassic Park.

In your journey, you might uncover T- rex bones and teeth, an egg nest with a baby Maiasaura, a 6-foot long Triceratops skull, and even a dragonfly fossil.

For these last few days, we have buried special dino eggs within the sand of Dino Dig. If you find one, you'll win a prize! (Learn more)

And special thanks to our T-rex friend for helping us kick off the exhibition back in July:

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