This Earth Day, "do the doable"

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This year for Earth Day, Liberty Science Center would like to encourage you and your family to “do the doable”.

What’s the doable?

The doable is picking up litter around your neighborhood and clipping the rings. The doable is upcycling, recycling, and using fewer non-perishable materials. The doable is eliminating products with microbeads from your purchases and consuming less meat.

The doable is about taking small, easy steps that show kids the importance of caring for our planet.

We’re trying to do the doable, too.

This year we helped bring Antarctic research to life for hundreds of students all over New York and New Jersey through Project CONVERGE. The program connected penguin researchers in Antarctica directly with students through blogs and photographs by award-winning science journalists.

The Project CONVERGE team during the Project CONVERGE science symposium at Liberty Science Center.

It was a tremendous success, and culminated with a symposium at Liberty Science Center where students and researchers met for the first time. The students also presented their own findings based off of the research provided to them by the scientists.

The Smallest Safari
Guests who visit Liberty Science Center this week will get to explore something that only our staff could dream up: The Smallest Safari.

We’re highlighting those animals that go about their daily business, making our lives better, without you even knowing. Find a pillbug, see an actual water bear, and dig deep into the smallest animals we know.

It’s a wonderful addition to our Eat and Be Eaten gallery and we know you’ll love it.

The more you know about the world around you, the more you come to respect it. Thank you for keeping the Earth in mind today and every day. Together we can make sure this awesome planet of ours stays clean for our children and our children’s children. Help out any way you can, in big ways [dramatic pause] and small.

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