Solve a New Murder Mystery at The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes

Bring your friends or group to solve a thrilling murder mystery at The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes!

This interactive adventure, open at Liberty Science Center from Nov. 3, 2018 through May 27, 2019, is the perfect adventure for thrill-seekers, fans of escape rooms and true crime, and anyone who loves a good mystery!

You'll travel to the 1890s – a time of innovation in the field of forensic science – and solve an exciting new mystery in the spirit of Sherlock Holmes. Follow the footsteps, use your powers of observation, record your findings in a detective’s notebook, then make your decision: who committed the crime?

Along the way, you’ll discover scientific and technical advances that took place in the 1890s (many of which are still used today) and even dig into real forensic studies.

Pop culture enthusiasts will also love exploring a room full of all things “Sherlock,” including costumes and props from the hit TV shows, Elementary and Sherlock.

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to solve a mystery like a professional detective or forensic scientist. Register now or sign in to buy tickets for your visit to the Science Center.

The adventures only continue from there.

Get ready to travel inside a supermassive black hole in LSC’s newest show, Black Holes, now playing in the Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium, the biggest planetarium in the Western Hemisphere.

Hold onto your seat as you journey to the supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way – a bizarre and dangerous trip that you can safely experience from the comfort of your seat in our planetarium.

Along the way, you’ll learn more about scientists’ search for black holes, the formation of stellar mass black holes, and the mind-boggling supermassive black holes.

Click here to see a full list of shows playing in the planetarium.

After you’ve escaped the black hole and solved the murder mystery, don’t forget to stop by our Eat and Be Eaten exhibition, containing 100+ fascinating animal species. Meet the naked mole rats to learn how they could help us find the cure for cancer; the cotton-top tamarin monkeys to understand how these critically-endangered animals are victims of habitat destruction; and the degus, who just had newborn pups.

We can’t wait for you to join us! Click here to begin planning your visit, including directions and ticket information.

Liberty Science Center is located in Jersey City, NJ in Liberty State Park. Our address is 222 Jersey City Boulevard, Jersey City, NJ 07305.