Our mission is to expose learners of all ages to the excitement, power, and promise of science and technology.

Our History

Located in historic Liberty State Park, neighboring the Statue of Liberty and across the river from Lower Manhattan, Liberty Science Center first opened its doors in 1993. But it truly began in the 1970s, when a series of editorials in the Star-Ledger newspaper pushed state leaders to recognize that more educational resources were needed to build a science- and technology-savvy population.

A group of local corporations initiated a successful public/private partnership in the 1980s, raising $68 million to create Liberty Science Center. Since that time, the Center has become one of New Jersey’s most popular attractions, an important tool for building a well-educated workforce, and a daring pioneer in the global science museum field.

The Next Step

After serving more than 9 million guests in its first dozen years of operation, the Center closed its doors in 2005 for an expansion project designed to launch it toward the future with a greatly expanded vision for the role of a 21st-century science museum. The Center re-opened in July 2007 after a nearly two-year, $109 million renovation with all-new exhibitions, a 20,000 square-foot center devoted to science learning and teaching, and a focus on making a difference in society – and inspiring others to do the same.

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What We Do

We are leaders in providing interactive science and technology education, inspiring teachers and students to pursue lifelong learning.

We generate an expectation that the world around us is a series of exciting experiences to be discovered.

We sit at the center of both environmental and human diversity, and we are committed to the preservation and celebration of both.

Enhanced by our historic and cosmopolitan location, we provide transformative experiences, inspiring each individual to understand the continuing connection between scientific advances and how they improve the human condition.