Explore the major sources of Earth’s energy

Energy comes in many forms. By understanding how energy is generated, we can begin to develop ways to live more efficiently.

In Energy Quest, build a hydrocarbon molecule, discover the power in ocean waves and dams, learn about nuclear power, and explore renewable energy: solar and wind. Then you can be an energy source when you race hand-crank-powered cars!

We thank ExxonMobil for its generous sponsorship of this exhibition.

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Location: 4th Floor

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  • See how plasma – the superheated ionized gas found on the sun – is shaped as it flows through a vacuum chamber at the Plasma Station. You’ll discover that plasma is not only important for nuclear fusion research, it’s also found in some common items like fluorescent lights and neon signs. Created by the Princeton Plasma Physics Lab
  • Learn about hydrocarbons as you build and take apart three-dimensional molecular models
  • Search for oil at the Oil Drilling Station. If you want to hit a gusher, you’ll have to study the rock formations below ground and figure out the best place to drill

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