Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium

Liberty Science Center is home to the Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium, the biggest planetarium in the Western Hemisphere. This stunning space boasts a resolution of 88 million pixels, a lighting system that can produce over 281 trillion colors, and new speakers capable of producing 30,000 watts of digital sound.

Our planetarium shows are available with the purchase of a Combination Pass or a Premium Pass. Register now to buy your tickets online. Join us soon and experience the 89-foot full-dome view of the night sky and distant galaxies.

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Monsters of the Night Sky (NEW for Fall Fest!)

Explore the astronomical origins of Halloween in LSC’s new live planetarium show! Discover the roots of this spooky modern holiday, and explore creepy things in the night sky, from the Witch Head Nebula to the eerie power of the full moon. We’ll also find constellation monsters in the sky, like Draco the Dragon!

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Black Holes

Black holes are one of the most intriguing and mysterious phenomena in the universe, a place where humans could never venture—until now!

In Black Holes, you’ll travel inside the black hole at the center of the Milky Way, a bizarre and dangerous trip that you can safely experience from the comfort of your seat in the Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium.

Along the way, you’ll learn more about scientists’ search for black holes, the formation of stellar mass black holes, and the mind-boggling supermassive black holes.

Before the film, a live presenter will be there to explain the concept of black holes and prepare you for your journey.

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Wonders of the Night Sky

LSC’s all-live signature show, Wonders of the Night Sky, is an exhilarating experience that explores our stars and beyond.

See the galaxy as it appears to the naked eye, as well as through the eyes of NASA’s robot probes, of the Hubble Space Telescope, and arrays of telescopes from around our planet.

A portion of the show is set aside to include the latest breaking news in astronomy and aerospace, taking full advantage of LSC’s new Digistar 6 full dome system, which allows seamless passage from the night sky to another planet to the heart of another galaxy.

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One World, One Sky: Big Bird's Adventure

Join Sesame Street friends in an out-of-this-world planetarium show!

Explore the night sky with Big Bird, Elmo, and a friend from China named Hu Hu Zhu. In this show, you'll learn about the Big Dipper, the North Star, the Sun and the Moon.

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To Worlds Beyond: Journey Through the Solar System

Experience an immersive, full-dome movie with an interactive live presentation.

In To Worlds Beyond: Journey Through the Solar System, you’ll tour the planets of our solar system – a tour that incorporates the latest information about the solar system as gathered by a fleet of robot probes. Travel from the hellacious surface of Venus, to the vast mountains and canyons of Mars, to the spewing methane geysers of Neptune’s giant moon Triton.

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Interested in renting out the planetarium space? The dome can be used to produce original content for corporate events or conferences. Contact us at 201.253.1310 or for more information.

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