Scout Programming

Liberty Science Center has an array of exciting and engaging virtual or in-person workshops that offer in-depth science explorations and provide focused learning experiences that go towards completing scouts' badge requirements.

Programs can be booked for groups of 10 or more scouts. Please call 201.253.1214, email, or fill out our info form for more information.

Girl Scouts

Daisies: Mechanical Engineering (60 Minutes)

Think and design like a mechanical engineer by creating a model car and exploring the process of building a rollercoaster.

Brownies: Coding for Good (75 Minutes)

Explore the basics of coding as you learn how to talk to a computer and give it basic instructions using Scratch.

Brownies: Mechanical Engineering (75 Minutes)

Think and design like a mechanical engineer by creating a race car and exploring the science of flight.

Brownies: Space Science Adventurer (75 Minutes)

Learn about Earth’s place in space as we discover how the Earth and moon interact, go on a solar system tour and learn about our planetary neighbors.

Brownies: Home Scientist (75 Minutes)

Experience cool science activities and investigations you can do with materials found at home.

Juniors: Coding for Good (75 Minutes)

Learn the basics of coding and understand how women have shaped the world of computer science! Then learn to program an Arduino board using Tinkercad software and put your new skills to the test.

Juniors: Space Science Investigator (75 Minutes)

Visualize how big our solar system is and discover different ways scientists explore it.

Juniors: Mechanical Engineering (75 Minutes)

Take on the role of a mechanical engineer and use the Engineering Design Process while investigating and creating your own invention.

Juniors: Detective Badge (75 Minutes)

Become a forensic scientist, investigate clues, learn new investigative techniques, and solve our “Case of the Silver Monkey.”

Cadettes: Coding for Good (90 Minutes)

Design custom characters, animations, and behaviors for video games by using the platform Construct 3. This intuitive tool set is limited only by your creativity.

Cadettes: Special Agent (90 Minutes)

Become a Gotham detective and conduct an investigation and analyze evidence to build a case against one of the city's notorious criminal masterminds before it's too late.

Cub Scouts

Tigers: Sky is the Limit (60 Minutes)

Explore the night sky in our planetarium and learn about stars, constellations, and distant galaxies.

Bears: Forensics (75 Minutes)

Become a detective and solve a “mock” crime science investigation by learning essential forensics techniques.

Webelos: Engineering (75 Minutes)

Learn how engineers use the engineering design process to develop everyday items using the same process to design and optimize a project.

BSA Scouts

Chemistry Merit Badge (90 Minutes)

Explore various chemical processes to understand and explain the interactions materials have when reacting with each other. Prerequisites: 1d, 4a, 4b, 5, 6

Astronomy Merit Badge (90 Minutes)

Embark on a journey to gain a better understanding of how we study astronomical objects such as the sun, moon, stars, and more. Prerequisites: 1, 5b, 5d, 6d, and 8e

Game Design Merit Badge (90 Minutes)

Build the computational thinking skills needed in today’s tech-driven world by designing custom video game characters, animations, and behaviors using the platform Construct 3. Prerequisites: 1, 2, 8. Post-requisites: 6, 7

Weather Merit Badge (90 Minutes)

Identify the major factors, features, and patterns of weather and their role in the climate. Prerequisites: 1, 2, 11. Post requisites: 9a and 10

Model Design and Building Merit Badge (90 Minutes)

Take on the role of an architect and a builder as you move a concept from design to model to reality using Tinkercad software. Prerequisites: 1, 2, and 6. Post requisite: 5

Engineering Merit Badge (90 Minutes)

Model how engineers utilize the Engineering Design Process to brainstorm and create projects by applying the science of energy and electricity. Prerequisites: 2, 5, 7, 8, 9

Fingerprinting Merit Badge (90 Minutes)

Explore a brief history of fingerprinting, make a model of the skin, and experiment with various techniques to collect and analyze fingerprints. Prerequisites: 1, 2.

Electricity Merit Badge (90 Minutes)

Learn how to make a simple circuit, understand the differences between DC and AC, and explore and learn about various electrical terms. Prerequisites: 3, 4, 9, 10, 11