What's Happening

Eat and Be Eaten

Meet fascinating creatures that use their natural adaptations to survive in the wild

Bees to Bots

Check out our honey bees—and the surprisingly high-tech world of bee science


Explore the planning, design, engineering, and technology of these amazing structures


A hands-on exhibit that shows the many ways humans connect and exchange ideas

Energy Quest

Explore the major sources of Earth’s energy

Infection Connection

See how infectious diseases spread and learn what we can do about it

Nano Mini-Exhibition

Explore the science of extremely small things

Our Hudson Home

Learn about the vast river just outside our doors, and the creatures who live in it


Your body in motion clears pixels from a huge screen

Universe Revealed: Views from the Hubble Space Telescope

Marvel at spectacular images of the far reaches of the universe

LSC After Dark: '90s Night

Join us as we travel back to the era of flannel and Friends! September 21

Live Science & Pop-Up Science

Science educators present live shows all over the building

Laser Pop 3D

Rock out to your favorite pop hits in 3D

The Rat Olympics

See a Norway rat go for the Gold!

Tamarin Feedings

Learn more about our cotton-top tamarin monkeys and watch them enjoy a meal!

Build a Halloween Costume in the MakerLab

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We Explore: Camp Liberty

Gather 'round the campfire and learn the science of the great outdoors!

Thomas & Friends™: Explore the Rails! – Coming Soon

All aboard for a trainload of adventures!

Spooky Sleepover

Bring your family to our annual Halloween Camp In, October 20

Attention, Educators

You won't believe how many resources we can put at your fingertips to help you meet your curriculum needs. Field trips, school visits, distance learning, professional development—you name it.

LSC is uniquely positioned to provide the highest quality programs and learning tools, plus we make it easy and fun.

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"This place is so awesome!"

"As a child, my parents took me here, so I brought my son here too. For kids and adults, it's both a learning and fun experience. My son was running back and forth and couldn't believe the stuff he could do."
– Roy A., Woodside, N.Y.