Uncover ancient dinosaur fossils buried in more than 60 tons of sand

Imagine how thrilled paleontologists must have been when they first uncovered ancient dinosaur fossils. Now, LSC guests can experience the thrill of discovery themselves in a new, permanent outdoor exhibition: Dino Dig Adventure!

Enter the 1,750-square-foot Dino Dig Adventure, where guests are immersed in the landscape of a real paleontological dig. Explore three dig pits and discover fascinating fossils poking out from the sand.

Dig for fossils from seven different dinosaur species buried in more than 60 tons of sand. Uncover replica fossils of bones, eggs—even dinosaur poop!

Thanks to a giant canopy, inspired by the shape of an Ankylosaurus, guests are shaded from the sun while they dig.

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Location: 2nd Floor, Outside

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