Explore balance, motion, and more in this new wonderland for kids ages 0-5

Liberty Science Center’s new exhibition for kids ages 0-5 is now open! Come experience Wobbly World!

Wobbly World is unlike anything else in the country. In this bright, inviting, slightly off-kilter wonderland, young children are invited to explore balance, motion, and cause and effect.

At the center of the gallery is the giant Body Mobile: part carousel, part Calder-style mobile, and powered by play. As young guests hop on colorful seats and surfaces that dangle from the 14-foot-tall center column, they balance, spin, and bring the whole structure to life.

From there, kids can test their balance and agility as they explore the Balancescape, a fanciful landscape of hills and ledges. Build with a whimsical collection of oversized Balance Blocks, grab, sort, stack, and balance at the Scales and Stacking Station, and discover surprises all throughout the space.

LSC collaborated with renowned toy designer Cas Holman on this amazing new exhibition!

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Location: 2nd Floor

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  • Wobbly World features amenities including a restroom with child-sized fixtures, a crawl space for infants, and a nursing nook

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