Check out our honey bees—and the surprisingly high-tech world of bee science

The third floor of Liberty Science Center is buzzing with excitement! In Bees to Bots, peer inside our honey bee hive to see real bees at work, busily building honeycomb and making honey. Then explore our multimedia exhibition to discover innovative ways that scientists are studying bees.

See real radar gear that biologists stick onto bees. Learn how inventors are creating drones and robots inspired by bugs. Pose with a wild bee photo that’s 90 times larger than life – and be sure to share it with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

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Location: 3rd Floor

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  • Try to spot the queen bee and baby bees in our see-through hive
  • See a high-tech laboratory’s gorgeous I.D. photos of wild bees
  • Find out how and why robotics engineers want to copy bees
  • Marvel at the tiny sensors scientists use to track bees’ every move

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