LSC in the House

Welcome to LSC in the House, the place where home scientists can conduct experiments, explore the world of LSC’s animals, find amazing movies to watch, and get inspired about science and technology without ever leaving the living room. Check out all the fun at the links below, and be sure to come back often. We will update our experiences regularly while so many of us are sticking close to home.

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Watch Live From Surgery Procedures

Watch a Kidney Transplant

See the procedure in all its intricate detail, and watch as doctors remove the kidney from a living donor, prepare the kidney, and transplant it into its recipient

Experiments to Try at Home

Does it Roll or Does it Slide?

Explore what kinds of shapes roll versus slide using everyday objects around your home (Grades: Pre-K - 2)

Lava Lamp Experiment

In this experiment, you will see how density and polarity, when they are powered by the release of a gas, cause a reaction between oil and water (Grades: Pre-K to Early Primary with Adult Supervision)

Growing Crystals in a Glass

In this experiment, you will be able to observe how crystals form and grow, then have fun eating your crystals (Grades: All grades, but with parent supervision, or parent permission for teens)

Tornado in a Jar

In this activity, we will model and understand the movements which create tornadoes. We also will be able to analyze the relationship between the size of a tornado and its speed (Grades: 1 - 8)

Bug Bites

Model and observe the adaptations of different insects. Then, determine which insect mouthpart is best suited for specific food (Grades: 3 and up; younger learners with adult supervision)

Meet LSC's Animals

Meet LSC's Animals: Frilled Lizard & Bearded Dragon

Both of these species come from Australia and have special adaptations with their necks

Bees to Bots: Experience the exhibition online!

Enjoy a digital version of our Bees to Bots exhibition while LSC is closed

Watch the naked mole rats via our 360° camera

They're so strange and so much fun to watch!

Meet the residents of Our Hudson Home

From black drum fish to diamondback terrapins to horseshoe crabs and beyond

Learn basic sign language via LSC's Tamarin Talk video

How do you say "cotton-top tamarin monkey" in American Sign Language?

How LSC collects animals for Our Hudson Home

Join LSC team members as they visit Sandy Hook to collect new animals

Tam Cam & Naked Mole Rat Live Stream

Check on the cotton-top tamarin monkeys and naked mole rats via live streams!

How to take care of the animals in Our Hudson Home

Join our aquarist as he feeds the animals, cleans the tanks, and more!

Get Inspired By Innovation

Explore New Jersey’s history of science and tech innovation

From the invention of the light bulb to the discovery of the microbe that led to the first cure for tuberculosis, NJ is a game-changer in science and tech

Get inspired by Princeton’s Chair of Molecular Biology Bonnie Bassler

Bassler deciphered the chemical language bacteria cells use to communicate

Get inspired by Katherine Johnson, one of the NASA mathematicians whose story was behind ‘Hidden Figures’

Her calculations and strategic thinking helped get the Apollo 13 astronauts safely back to Earth

Get inspired by stem cell pioneer Robert J. Hariri

Hariri is working to use placental stem cells to cure disease, slow aging, and augment healthy human lifespan

Get inspired by David Rosenberg, CEO and Co-Founder of AeroFarms

AeroFarms has grown 800 species of plants indoors and can grow them 365 days a year without sun or soil

Get inspired by Sebastian Thrun, godfather of self-driving cars

Thrun's company, Kitty Hawk, is developing all-electric, vertical take-off flying machines for everyday use

More Fun Stuff

Yale’s super popular class on ‘happiness’ is available for free online

In “The Science of Well Being,” you'll engage in a series of challenges designed to increase your own happiness and build more productive habits