Learn about the vast river just outside our doors, and the creatures who live in it

The Hudson River is home to thousands of species – including our own! In Our Hudson Home, discover the importance of this river as a means of travel and commerce, a source of food, and a place to play.

Throughout your journey, discover how environmental preservation efforts and smart technologies can ensure that this unique natural resource continues to thrive.

These generous partners sponsor the Our Hudson Home gallery: Charles Hayden Foundation, NASA, New York Shipping Association, The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey, Victoria Foundation.

We thank Prudential for sponsoring the aquariums of Our Hudson Home.

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Location: 4th Floor

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  • Say hello to the black drum fish, summer flounder, diamondback terrapin, and many other residents of the Hudson River
  • Get a close-up look at shellfish, snails, and sea urchins at our Observation Tank
  • Move water and sediment in a 20-foot long model of the Hudson River. Control “rainfall” upriver in the mountains, create dams and levees, and learn how sedimentation, erosion and pollution controls affect the river

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