Meet fascinating creatures that use their natural adaptations to survive in the wild

Cotton-top tamarin monkeys. Naked mole rats. Red-footed tortoises. A rose hair tarantula! Liberty Science Center is home to 100+ fascinating animal species. Come meet many of them in our Wild About Animals exhibition.

We've also created some amazing new experiences this year. During your visit, be sure to see a snake slither through narrow spaces in the Snake Maze, watch a hermit crab climb ladders in the Hermit Crab Playground, check out our chinchilla enjoying a dust bath in the Chinchilla Castle, and more.

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Location: 3rd Floor

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  • Meet our family of critically endangered cotton-top tamarin monkeys, and learn ways you can use less energy and resources to save wildlife habitat around the world. You can even join us for daily tamarin feedings!
  • Learn how scientists are studying naked mole rats to someday cure cancer, unlock the secrets of aging, and more
  • See a colony of leaf-cutter ants – nature’s first farmers! – collecting and transporting leaves
  • Stop by the black spot piranha tank, and learn how these fish got an unfairly bad reputation throughout history

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