Meet LSC's Animals: Cotton-Top Tamarins

Meet Sophia and Leo, two of LSC’s cotton-top tamarin monkeys!

In this new video from our “Meet LSC’s Animals” series, watch as they enjoy an enrichment activity: a cardboard puzzle box filled with insects!

This forest dwelling species is considered one of the smallest monkeys in the world with their bodies being about 8 inches in length and averaging less than 1 pound. These arboreal animals spend most of their time high up in trees, rarely coming down to the ground. They are omnivores eating mostly insects and fruit but will also eat nectar, tree gum, and even eggs!

Cotton-top tamarins are social animals and will live in troops, or groups, of up to 19 individuals, although most troops have an average of about nine individuals.

To communicate with each other, tamarins are capable of creating around 40 different vocalizations which they are able to string together to express things like emotions and danger.

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