Every day, we see headlines that invite us to reflect upon the vital links between science and society. Yet paradoxically, we also see such questions like “Is America Flunking Science?” making it to the cover of Time magazine.

When Liberty Science Center was conceived in the 1980s, New Jersey was – and indeed remains – a state in need of a science and technology savvy population. Between 1993 and 2005, and with many national-model approaches, our engaging exhibition, program and theater experiences helped the Science Center to become a top-rated NJ-NYC family destination, and part of the education of almost 10 million school and family guests. Yet even with that success, a bold planning process to be an even greater resource was getting underway.

Since their invention as a new participatory type of museum, science centers have proven to be popular destinations yet rarely have they focused on impactful experiences that connect audiences to the science and technology behind the opportunities and challenges faced by society, locally and globally, showing people what science is, why they should care about it and what they can do to positively influence the opportunities and challenges that we face.

This is precisely the focus of the reinvented Liberty Science Center, featuring spectacular and relevant learning and teaching experiences, exciting new facilities and high-quality amenities, all within easy reach of one of the largest population centers in the nation.

Dividends on investments in Liberty Science Center by so many in the public and private sectors will foremost be in the form of a brand new public resource to living, learning, working in and caring for our region. It is also already clear that the dividends will also include furnishing the science museum field with a brand new way of planning and action – a blueprint for how to do things better, and with significantly more impact.

We are eager for you to know more about the exciting importance of this reinvented resource in booming Jersey City’s beautiful Liberty State Park. Please join us!

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