After School Programs

LSC's expert educators offer STEM series to support your after school programs. Our series can be delivered over an extended period and across a range of schedules.

Some popular topics include:

Forensic Science
Crack a case using the same techniques real forensic scientists use, such as checking for fingerprints, comparing fibers, DNA analysis, the science of ballistics, and more.

Growing Into Science
Learn about a multitude of STEM career opportunities and see how science fits into your future! We provide opportunities for exciting science learning using experiential, hands-on models that cannot always be replicated during the traditional school day.

Tinkercad Series
Get hands-on experience with the 3D design software Tinkercad. We’ll use math while exploring the foundations of engineering, design, and architecture, such as scale and proportion.

Tinkercad Arduino Circuits Series
Learn about circuitry and how to code for Arduino. This microcontroller is great for beginners but flexible enough to provide additional challenges for more knowledgeable students.

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