Home School Families & Co-ops

LSC Home School Days are for families who wish to supplement their science curriculum with an engaging, inquiry-based exploration inspired by a diverse group of scientists and engineers.

Programs are structured so that families with multiple children of different ages can have a shared, age-appropriate educational experience. Learners will be grouped by age: Adventurers (ages 4-6), Investigators (ages 7-9), and Specialists (ages 10-12). Families are not required to stay within defined age groups; however, program content is built to align with grade-level performance expectations defined by the Next Generation Science Standards.

Stay tuned for dates for the 2021-2022 School Year!

Mahogany Reynolds-Clarke and son DJ Clarke.jpg

“My son attended the virtual class today and it was exceptional"

"Thank you for providing such a wonderful, educational, and enriching experience for the youth, especially in these uncertain times we find ourselves in.”
–Mahogany Reynolds-Clarke