Center Stage Science Shows

Make the most of your time at LSC by adding a Center Stage Science Show to your itinerary. Performed in the Joseph D. Williams 3D Science Theater, the 30-minute shows rotate seasonally and explore different science topics in engaging, dramatic stage presentation.

For more information, call us at 201.253.1310, email us at, or fill out our info form.

The Weather Show

Thunder roars, clouds form, and tornadoes appear in this fast-paced interactive program.

Flame, Foam, Foom! Meet the Elements

Elements dance in flames, ignite, and react dramatically in this energetic and explosive chemical play.

That Physics Show at LSC

Witness the laws of physics in action in this exciting live show, adapted from the Off Broadway hit That Physics Show in NYC.

The Nikola Tesla Lightning Show

Explore the excitement of electricity with singing Tesla coils, robotic drums, and wireless illumination. Twin solid-state, one-million-volt Tesla coils produce bursts of musical lightning in our electrifying live show.