Maker & Tech

Bring your students to a half-day, full-day, or series workshop in LSC's educational labs that focus on cutting-edge technology.

The MakerLab offers maker programs for middle and high school students. There is a 1:1 student to 3D printer ratio, so every student works with a designated printer in our programs. Programs are aligned to the NJSLS:S, ISTE standards, and/or Math Common Core Standards.

The Tech & Design Studio offers computer and technology programs for middle and high school students. These programs are aligned to the NJSLS:S, ISTE standards, and/or Math Common Core Standards.

Programs must be booked in advance. Please call 201.253.1310 or email

Half-Day Laboratory Workshops (90 minutes)

Intro to Stencyl (grades 6-12)

Take your coding to the next level and learn how to make a web-based platforming video game using drag-and-drop programming in Stencyl. Leave with a URL that allows access to your game from home. (Please note: Students must have familiarity with block coding, such as Scratch) NJSLS:S: Engineering Design: MS-ETS1-1, MS-ETS1-2, HS-ETS1-1, HS-ETS1-2, HS-ETS1-4

Scratch (grades 6-8)

Learn basic computer programming techniques with Scratch, a drag-and-drop coding program developed by MIT. Creatively use algorithmic thinking, systematic reasoning, and troubleshooting to develop your interactive program. Additional workshop time allows for greater complexity in designs. Completed projects can be downloaded and modified at home. NJSLS:S: Engineering Design: MS-ETS1-1, MS-ETS1-4, ISTE.1.b

App Development Guide (grades 6-12)

Learn basic computer programming techniques while building a simple Android-based mobile phone or tablet game using MIT App Inventor. Download the app to a personal Android phone to keep, or download to a flash drive or cloud storage to access at home. NJSLS:S: Engineering Design: MS-ETS1-1, MS-ETS1-4, HS-ETS1-2, ISTE: 1.a, 1.b, 4.b

Intro to GIS (grades 6-12)

Use ESRI GIS (Geographic Information Systems) mapping software to investigate how data-driven information can make a difference in your life. Learn how to analyze different sets of data and how human activity changes or is changed by it. Variable topics can include: earthquakes, pollen, and bacterial outbreaks (one topic per booking). NJSLS:S: Earth and Human Activity: MS-ESS3-1, MS-ESS3-2, MS-ESS3-4, HS-ESS3-6, HS-ESS3-1

Intro to 3D Printing (grades 6-12)

Engage in online digital creation of 3D models and learn how to create intricate pieces designed for 3D printing using Autodesk TinkerCad. Using our Monoprice Mini Select printers, print a personal design that’s yours to keep. NJSLS:S: Engineering Design: MS-ETS1-1, MS-ETS1-2, HS-ETS1-2, ISTE: 1.b, 4.b

Full-Day Laboratory Workshops (2-4 hours)

Hands-On Game Design (grades 6-12)

In this exciting class, take video game design into your own hands. Using Bloxels, a new hands-on platform for video game creation, create your own video game levels, characters, and challenges!

Learn how to place blocks on a physical grid to lay out game levels and then use the Bloxel app to change those physical blocks into a virtual game world with your very own hero! Take home a URL to play the game on your own computer, or install the Bloxels app on a phone and play on mobile! NJSLS: Engineering Design: MS-ETS1-1, MS-ETS1-3, MS-ETS1-4

Game Art & Design (grades 6-12)

Ever want to make your own platformer game—like the ones starring a certain Italian plumber? Using Stencyl (drag-and-drop programming) create and animate your own customized player character and run your character through your own personal level design. Take home an Android mobile application version of the game. (Please note: Students must have familiarity with block coding such as Scratch) NJSLS:S: MS-ETS1-1, MS-ETS1-2, MS-ETS3-1

Flight of the Drones (grades 6-12)

Drone training 101. Learn how to fly a drone and the basic concepts of flight using micro pocket drones. Then compete with your classmates to find out who is the best drone pilot. NJSLS:S: Motion and Stability: HS-PS2-1, HS-PS2-2 Engineering Design: MS-ETS1-1

Becoming an Aviator (grades 6-12)

Learn the principles of flight, then jump behind the controls of XPlane, a computer based simulator with cockpit flight controls. Test your skills on several different aircraft ranging from the Sikorsky S-76 and Cessna 172 to the Space Shuttle and the B-52 Bomber. NJSLS:S: Motion and Stability: MS-PS2-2, HS-ETS1-2

GIS Zombie Apocalypse (grades 9-12)

Use ESRI digital mapping software for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to uncover relationships between sets of data points and locations. GIS is widely used in public health, transportation, science, and other fields. Learn to map and analyze spatial data—data with a location component. Identify local problems (perhaps a zombie uprising?) then use GPS coordinates from mobile devices to collect, map, and analyze related data. Discuss solutions to the problems based on data. NJSLS:S: Engineering Design: HS-ETS1-1, HS-ETS1-3, ISTE: 3.d, 4.c, 4.d

Program, Air, Fire! (grades 6-12)

Construct medieval catapults, and identify possible operational constraints. Then, through the use of the engineering design process and modern marvels such as Arduino microcontrollers, improve the catapult’s accuracy and distance. NJSLS:S: Motion and Stability: Forces and Interactions: MS-PS2-1, MS-PS2-2, Engineering Design: MS-ETS1-1, MS-ETS1-2, MS-ETS1-3

3D Printing: Engineering Design Challenge (grades 6-12)

Learn to use 3D printers to solve complex problems in a collaborative work group. Your group will be engaged in advanced 3D design with Autodesk TinkerCad. Choose from: Bridge Engineering (2 hours), Fish Evolution (2 hours), Boat Design (4 hours), Egg-Drop Run (4 hours), Printed Pinewood Derby Car race (4 hours), Siege Engines (4 hours)—one topic per booking. NJSLS:S: Engineering Design: MS-ETS1-1, HS-ETS1-2, HS-ETS1-3

Series Workshops (7-14 weeks)


Learn basic computer programming techniques using Scratch, a graphic user interface for drag-and-drop coding developed by MIT. Using these skills and techniques, develop a series of simple programs over a sequence of two-hour workshops offered for 7 to 14 weeks. Topics may include: loops, conditional statements, variables, and control elements. This will allow students to develop ever more complicated programs.

Innovate, Inspire, and Engineer

What does it take to become a successful inventor? Find out in this series of two-hour workshops offered for 7 or 14 weeks. Learn the engineering design process and collaborate on solving challenges. Hands-on activities include circuitry, soldering, and programming Arduino microcontrollers. Projects will be tailored to student interests.

Curriculum alignment details will vary with grade level, project, and duration of the Series Workshop.

The Maker and Tech programs listed above are for school groups. For non-school groups, click here to learn more about our weekend courses in the and MakerLab and Tech & Design Studio.