President and CEO, Ironstate Development Company
President and CEO, Urby

Mr. Barry’s innovative and visionary approach to real estate has resulted in the successful development of creative residential and hotel projects throughout the region. Ironstate owns and manages approximately 10,000 residential and hotel units and has over $1 billion in its development pipeline. The firm is a leader in transforming emerging neighborhoods into thriving and popular destinations. Neighborhoods Barry has been in the vanguard of revitalizing include Staten Island, Harrison, Jersey City, the East Village, Williamsburg, and Hoboken. Barry recently developed a concept called Urby, a series of unique residential buildings with a strong focus on simple design and unique experiential programming. The Jersey City Urby—at 69 stories, the tallest residential building in New Jersey—has been recognized as an instant architectural landmark on the Jersey City skyline. Jersey City Urby is the second of a planned series of Urby developments in other locations including Manhattan, the Bronx, Harrison, NJ; and Stamford, CT. Barry is also a development partner in the Standard East Village and Chiltern Firehouse in London.