Jack Horner's Dino Dig

Our fossil site, Jack Horner's Dino Dig, is now open for another amazing summer!

At this outdoor adventure, you're invited to become a paleontologist by digging through 35 tons of sand to uncover more than 60 fossils – many of them replicas of those discovered in Montana by Jack Horner, the famed paleontologist who inspired Jurassic Park.

In your journey, you might uncover T-rex bones and teeth, an egg nest with a baby Maiasaura, a 6-foot-long Triceratops skull, and even a dragonfly fossil! We have many new surprises this year, including a zone with Jurassic marine reptiles!

Jack Horner's Dino Dig is included in LSC general admission.

Location: 2nd Floor, Outside

Dates: June 29 – Sept. 2