Jack Horner's Dino Dig

Our fossil site is back for another summer! Jack Horner's Dino Dig opens for the season on June 29!

At this outdoor adventure, you're invited to become a paleontologist by digging through 35 tons of sand to uncover more than 60 fossils – many of them replicas of those discovered in Montana by Jack Horner, the famed paleontologist who inspired Jurassic Park.

In your journey, you might uncover T-rex bones and teeth, an egg nest with a baby Maiasaura, a 6-foot-long Triceratops skull, and even a dragonfly fossil! We have many new surprises this year, including a zone with Jurassic marine reptiles!

Jack Horner's Dino Dig is included in LSC general admission.

PLUS! Help us celebrate Dino Dig's return the week of June 29 – July 7 during our Dino Days of Summer event! This week, LSC will be stuffed with dinosaur adventures, including dino dance parties, bone pathology labs, and even a prehistoric touch tank where you can touch creatures that were alive during the age of dinosaurs. Don't miss the fun!

Location: 2nd Floor, Outside

Dates: June 29 – Sept. 2