Explore the galaxy in LSC's all-live planetarium presentation

LSC’s all-live signature show, Wonders of the Night Sky, is an exhilarating 35-minute experience that explores our stars and beyond.

See the galaxy as it appears to the naked eye, as well as through the eyes of NASA’s robot probes, of the Hubble Space Telescope, and arrays of telescopes from around our planet.

Highlights include:

  • Flying billions of miles through space to visit Saturn, as the planet and its fabled rings cover the vast canvas of the planetarium dome
  • Traveling 1,400 light years into our galaxy through the great Orion Nebula, which expands from its location on the belt of Orion until it covers the entire dome
  • Visiting Jupiter in the morning sky and experiencing the massive planet as seen by the Juno mission, currently in orbit around the king of the planets

A portion of the show is set aside to include the latest breaking news in astronomy and aerospace, taking full advantage of LSC’s new Digistar 6 full dome system, which allows seamless passage from the night sky to another planet to the heart of another galaxy.

Click here to learn more about LSC Space News Now. These breaking news segments appear at the end of each Wonders of the Night Sky show.

Visitor info

Location: Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium

Duration: 35 minutes

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Please note: Showtimes are subject to change.

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