Marques Brownlee
Consumer Technology Influencer

Marques Brownlee is the creator of MKBHD, a tech-themed YouTube channel that influences more than fifteen million subscribers. Every week, Mr. Brownlee reviews the latest in smartphones, televisions, video games, drones, electric cars and other hot products, with total views of his 1,000-plus videos headed toward three billion. Notably, Tesla founder Elon Musk personally selected Brownlee’s video as winner of a nationwide contest to highlight the company’s new Model S electric car. In another popular video, Brownlee interviewed late basketball star Kobe Bryant about sneaker technology.

Brownlee started his channel for fun while he was in high school, but with early popularity, he realized he could turn his product reviews and tutorials into a viable business. With millions of consumers trusting his advice on gadgets they rely on every day, he has since expanded to offer branded apparel, electronics, and other merchandise.

Brownlee’s fan base also includes 5.2 million Twitter followers and 3.2 million followers on Instagram. His stature as a new media celebrity extends beyond his own content. He has been cited in Time, Forbes, HuffPost and elsewhere, and he appeared as a guest on a talk show hosted by astronomer Neil deGrasse Tyson. In 2016, he was selected by NBC and YouTube to ask a question about tech privacy to candidates during a Democratic Party presidential primary debate, and in 2013, during a national video chat with President Barack Obama, Google picked Brownlee, while he was still a college student, to ask a question about the minimum wage. In 2015, Brownlee was invited to Apple’s public introduction of its 12-inch MacBook with retina display, becoming the first YouTuber invited to any of the company’s press events. In 2013, Vic Gundotra, a former Google vice president, called Brownlee "the best technology reviewer on the planet right now.”

A longtime resident of Maplewood, NJ, and a graduate of the Stevens Institute of Technology, Brownlee was once a volunteer at Liberty Science Center. What better testament to the great things that happen to people involved with LSC!