Follow the Clues to The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes at Liberty Science Center!

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JERSEY CITY, N.J., November 1, 2018 – Have you ever wondered how Sherlock Holmes was so adept at solving crimes? This fall, prepare to solve a thrilling murder mystery at Liberty Science Center’s newest premium exhibition, The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes, opening on November 3. Footprints, spatter patterns and the powers of observation mark the journey through this interactive experience. Combining science, history, and culture, the exhibit will bring Sherlock Holmes’ vibrant stories to life, allowing visitors to be part of the action and excitement of solving a crime!

“Liberty Science Center is thrilled to host Sherlock and his mysteries this fall. The exhibition will allow guests to immerse themselves in a different world where they’ll become detectives for the day and use science to solve crimes,” said Paul Hoffman, Liberty Science Center’s President and CEO.

In this interactive adventure, you’ll be transported into Sherlock Holmes’ London — a world filled with innovation and experimentation in the field of forensic science. Visitors will get to peek into the study where Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote his renowned detective stories before traveling to the bustling International Science Exhibition and 221B Baker Street. Explore the developments in science and technology in the 1890s — from telecommunications and printing to botany and chemistry.

Guests will be tasked with solving an urgent crime — an original mystery written exclusively for the exhibit. Venture through the streets of London performing scientific experiments, observing key details, chasing clues, and possibly clashing with Inspector Lestrade while rushing to unravel the case before an innocent person is accused. With a personal detective notebook in hand, guests will document their search by way of embossing, stamping, rubbing, punching and drawing as they journey through the crime scenes. Following in Sherlock Holmes’s footsteps, museumgoers learn how the famous detective, a scientific expert ahead of his time, used seemingly trivial observations others missed to glean crucial information and solve intricate crimes.

At the end of the exhibit, before returning to the 21st century, guests can examine a collection of all things “Sherlockian” — from vintage Sherlock Holmes-themed card games to movie props and costumes — and learn more about modern day police techniques. In addition, guests can even test out the tools and instruments police use to decode forensic evidence today.

The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes will be at the Liberty Science Center from November 3, 2018 through May 27, 2019. Visitors can experience this Premium Exhibition with the purchase of a Combination Pass ($29.75 for adults and $24.75 for children ages 2-12). For more information, please visit

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