Liberty Science Center to Host the World Premiere of Sean Kenney's Art Made with LEGO® Bricks

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JERSEY CITY, N.J., June 18, 2019 – Liberty Science Center today announced the WORLD PREMIERE of Sean Kenney’s Art Made with LEGO® Bricks as its next premium exhibition, debuting on June 22. Kenney, a Brooklyn-based and New Jersey-born artist uses beautiful works of art made from simple toy blocks to explore and raise awareness for issues such as animal endangerment, the balance of ecosystems and humankind’s relationship with nature.

Produced by Imagine Exhibitions, the exhibition explores art, science, and innovation while providing a playful spin on traditional sculptural art. Sean Kenney’s Art challenges visitors to think like artists and engineers while learning about sustainability, endangered habitat protection, urban development, and other important ecological topics. Guests will explore massive works of art made from more than 1.5 million LEGO® bricks that illustrate the majesty of various wild species including pandas, tree frogs, polar bears, and hummingbirds.

“We are thrilled to host the world premiere of Sean Kenney’s Art Made with LEGO Bricks—an exhibition that is sure to inspire creativity and wonder for our guests while spreading an important message,” said Liberty Science Center CEO Paul Hoffman. “This exhibition evokes the importance of conservation and highlights humankind’s balance with nature, critical issues we promote each day here at the Science Center. Our hope is that guests who visit this new premium exhibition will leave with a better understanding and appreciation for the natural world around us and do their part to ensure its survival.”

“As a Jersey born artist, and someone who has been to Liberty Science Center countless times, I am extremely proud to showcase at a place that does so much to engage young minds and build the next generation of scientific leaders,” said Sean Kenney. “My goal with this exhibition is to show that humans and nature are interconnected, just like the blocks that make up these sculptures.”

Tom Zaller, CEO of Imagine Exhibitions shared, “Imagine Exhibitions is proud to partner with Sean Kenney to world premiere Sean Kenney’s Art Made with LEGO Bricks at Liberty Science Center. As guests marvel at these enormous, ambitious, gravity-defying sculptures, we hope they will be inspired to explore their world in new ways.”

Other sculptures depict eco-friendly actions humans can take—from protecting an animal's habitat, to planting a garden, to using a bike instead of a car. By using LEGO® bricks, the exhibition inspires a joyful sense of wonder in those both young and young-at-heart and invites budding artists, engineers, ecologists, and builders to expand their imaginations, get curious, and explore new approaches to problems.

A custom mosaic inspired by Liberty Science Center’s own honey bee colony hangs above a hands-on play zone and invites guests to use thousands of bricks to add their own wild creations to the exhibition in a collaborative art space.

Sean Kenney’s Art Made with LEGO® Bricks will be at Liberty Science Center from June 22 through September 2 and is available with the purchase of a Combination or Premium Pass.

About Liberty Science Center

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About Sean Kenney

Sean Kenney is an award-winning artist who uses LEGO pieces as a medium for contemporary sculpture, portraiture, and commercial art. He is recognized as one of the leading experts in the field and is a founding member of several global programs that aim to encourage and support this emerging art form. Millions of people have visited his exhibitions, he has authored 9 children's books, and The LEGO Group collaborated with him as an official partner for 14 years. Sean’s work has been acclaimed by The New York Times, PBS Arts, BBC Arts, and Vogue, and he continues to create every day at his studio in Brooklyn.

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