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10 reasons you can’t miss LSC After Dark: Bugs, Bacon & Beer

LSC After Dark

Join us for Jersey City’s ultimate beer and bacon festival – with a side of science! LSC After Dark: Bugs, Bacon & Beer is Sept. 19, 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm. Click here for tickets.

At Liberty Science Center’s next 21+ event, you’ll indulge in creative, bacon-infused treats presented by local food vendors. Wash it all down with a drink at the bar, plus complimentary beer tastings included in your ticket! After you’ve had your fill of bacon and beer, we dare you to try some tasty insects at our Bug Buffet.

Don’t have your ticket yet? Let us convince you. Here are 10 reasons you can’t miss LSC After Dark: Bugs, Bacon & Beer!

1) Bacon, everywhere!

We’ve challenged our favorite food vendors from Midnight Market to create their tastiest, most innovative bacon-infused treats! Stop by and try all their dishes, at only $5 per plate (cash only, please). Stay tuned for a full list of food vendors!

(P.S. Not a bacon fan? Don’t worry – we’ve got our vegetarian friends covered, too!)

2) Seasonal beer tastings

Yum! Ring in the autumn season with complimentary tastings of Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin Ale, Leinenkugel’s Pumpkin Shandy, and Leinenkugel’s Oktoberfest.

3) Peroni Bar

The fun continues from there...stop by our specialty Peroni cocktail bar, and enjoy drinks such as the Peroni Spritz, Peroni Negroni, and Peroni Limone.

Our bar also features even more beer options, plus wine and LSC's signature smoking cocktails!

4) Bug Buffet 2.0

Two girls smiling while eating bugs at the Bug Buffet

If you’ve been to an LSC After Dark event before, you may have tried some tasty insects at our Bug Buffet! But this month, we dare you to experience our “Bug Buffet 2.0” and choose from multiple flavors of crickets, mealworms, ants, and bamboo worms.

While you’re munching on bugs, you’ll also learn about the practice of eating bugs, known as entomophagy, and explore its many sustainable benefits. Did you know more than two billion people across the world eat bugs on a regular basis, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations? In 2013, the UN even encouraged people to eat insects as a means of ending world hunger.

5) Bug or No Bug?

Chocolate chip cookies

Stop by our “Bug or No Bug?” activity and munch on some chips and cookies! But guess what? Not every chip is a normal chip, and not every cookie is a normal cookie. Some of them are actually made with bugs! Get blindfolded and see if you can use your sense of taste to determine which is which!

6)The Beatles Laser Show

Picture of the four Beatles

Experience The Beatles Laser Show in our giant dome theater! (Get it – Beatles? Like beetles?). Catch it at 7:45 pm or 9:15 pm.

LSC is a nonprofit organization, and when you make an additional $5 donation to support our programs for 91,000 students from at-risk communities, we’ll thank you with a ticket to this exhilarating show. (Please make your donation in person at the event.)

7) Beer in Space planetarium show

Cartoon of an astronaut drinking beer in space

Will there ever be a bar in space? It’s not as crazy as it sounds! In our Beer in Space planetarium show, you’ll search the universe for the ingredients of beer. What is beer made out of, and how do we find these things in space? During your journey, you’ll visit nebulae, exoplanets, other galaxies, and interstellar space to find beer in places you’d least expect!

Catch the show at 7:00 pm or 8:30 pm in LSC’s Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium, the biggest planetarium in the Western Hemisphere!

Like the laser show, you can experience Beer in Space when you make an additional $5 donation to support our programs for 91,000 students from at-risk communities. (Please make your donation in person at the event.)

8) Dissect a pig heart, code a robotic bug, meet bugs in person, and more!

Madagascar hissing cockroaches

The night will be filled with different hands-on activities and experiments! Dissect a real pig heart and explore the anatomy of a pig at our interactive lab. Learn how to code a robotic bug at our virtual bug activity. Get up close with some of LSC’s own crawly residents at our Bug Meet & Greet!

9) Discover the future of transportation

This event isn’t just about bugs, bacon, and beer! Be sure to stop by our Innovation Station, where we show off the latest in must-see tech.

This month, we're joined by the company White Fox. White Fox is a docked e-scooter rental service that allows users to rent electric scooters from the tip of their fingers. At LSC After Dark, learn more about their app and their mission to provide an eco-friendly transportation option, paving the way for a more sustainable future!

10) Rock the dance floor!

People dancing at LSC After Dark

Slither your way to the dance floor and rock out all night with DJ Gary W!

We can’t wait! Click here to get tickets now for LSC After Dark: Bugs, Bacon & Beer on Sept. 19 from 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm.

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