10 years of YouTube, 10 of our favorite Liberty Science Center guest YouTube videos

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YouTube has been around for 10 years. Kind of unbelievable. We can’t remember watching cat videos on any other platform.

You already know you can head to our official YouTube channel to see singing Tesla coils, cockroaches, and hovercrafts, so here are our 10 favorite videos filmed by guests at Liberty Science Center.

Red KB shows us his favorite things about Beyond Rubik’s Cube:

These kids take robot building to new heights in Block Party:


A full 11:00min video of our Zombie Autopsy:

A news video might be cheating, but there’s no other way to see this:

A close race between a speed cuber and our Beyond Rubik’s Cube robot:

Great overview of a few of our best best exhibits:

Cheating again with another news video, but this one is so cool we try to repost it whenever possible:

We love finding videos from right after the re-opening in 2007. This isn’t the most exciting video, but it’s so rare!

We have no data to back this up, but we suspect that the Hoberman Sphere is the most photographed and videoed object in the Science Center. Most of the videos look exactly like this:

Congrats on 10 years of operation, YouTube. Thanks for changing the video landscape for professionals and amateurs alike. Keep up the good work!

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