11 reasons you can’t miss LSC After Dark: ‘80s Night

LSC After Dark

Get ready to travel back in time with us! March 15 is LSC After Dark: ‘80s Night. (Click here for tickets.)

For one night only, Liberty Science Center travels to the era of Madonna and MJ, with activities and adventures inspired by the culture of the decade. We can’t wait!

Don’t have your tickets yet? Let us convince you. Here are 11 reasons you can’t miss LSC After Dark: ‘80s Night.

1) Create your own ‘80s-style video game

Ever wondered how your favorite ‘80s video games, like Pac-Man and Space Invaders, were created? Wonder no longer! At the event, our coding professionals will teach you how to make your own ‘80s-style video game and even modify the code to simple arcade games.

2) Master the Rubik’s Cube

The Rubik’s Cube puzzle gained popularity in the early ‘80s, but it has become even more prominent in recent years, with competitive speedcubing tournaments held around the globe (LSC even created an exhibition all about the Rubik’s Cube!).

At LSC After Dark: ‘80s Night, we’ll be joined by professional speedcubers who will show off their skill and teach you the tricks to mastering the puzzle.

Plus, join us for special Rubik’s Cube-themed activities, such as a cube dissection and a Super Cube Shuffle!

3) ‘80s laser show

Our laser show is back and more retro than ever!

Grab your biggest hoop earrings, freshest Jordans, and your neon-colored windbreaker and prepare to dance to some old-school jams at the ‘80s laser show in the Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium and LSC Giant Dome Theater, the largest and most technologically advanced planetarium in the Western Hemisphere.

LSC is a nonprofit organization, and for an additional $5 donation to support our programs for 91,000 students from at-risk communities, you can experience this exhilarating new show. (Please make your donation in person at the event.)

4) ‘80s movie experiments

The building will be stuffed with experiments inspired by your favorite ‘80s movies! Identify unknown substances in our Lethal Weapon Forensics Lab. Learn the physics of light and the science behind lasers in our Tron Laser Experiment.

Plus, head over to our Weirder Science Show which dives into scenes from ‘80s sci-fi films and explores the science behind the science fiction.

5) Midnight Market food vendors

Midnight Market returns this month with delicious food offerings from local vendors. Each food plate is $5 (cash only, please).

This month’s vendors include Tojo Kitchen, The Guac Spot, Meta, Moffle Bar, The Good Donut Shop, Hold My Knots, Yani’s Bake House, Taste of Poland JC, Eemas Cuisine, and El Lechon De Negron.

6) ‘80s Movie Night Bar

Join us for specialty cocktails inspired by classic ‘80s movies! Our menu includes drinks such as the Blue Lagoon, Purple Rain, and Blues Brothers. Yum!

As with every LSC After Dark event, we will also offer beer and wine.

7) Free drink tastings

Courtesy of Super Buy-Rite, we will have delicious tastings of Corona Premiere and Tito’s Handmade Vodka. Yum!

8) To Worlds Beyond planetarium show

In addition to our ‘80s laser show, we’ll be playing the amazing planetarium show To Worlds Beyond: Journey Through the Solar System.

As with the ‘80s laser show, you can experience this planetarium adventure with an additional $5 donation to support our programs for 91,000 students from at-risk communities. (Please make your donation in person at the event.)

9) Meet Marty McFly and Doc Brown

Meet Back to the Future’s Marty McFly and Doc Brown on their greatest adventure yet: LSC After Dark!

Cosplayers Matthew Bell and Eric Sellin, known for their appearances at multiple cons, will be here at the party. Come get your photo taken with them!

10) Legend of Sumeria

Calling all sci-fi fans! Join Dr. Biju Parekkadan and Jason Webb, the creative minds behind the Legend of Sumeria graphic novel series, for a live conversation and VR experience.

11) Moonwalk contest

Think you know how to moonwalk? Prove it on the dance floor at our moonwalk contest. Even if you don’t win, you’re still invited to show off your best ‘80s moves all night with DJ Dancing Tony!

We can’t wait! Click here to get tickets now for LSC After Dark: ‘80s Night.

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