11 reasons you can't miss LSC After Dark: Gin and Jupiter

LSC After Dark

Pack your bags because you’re going to space! Our next LSC After Dark event for guests 21 and over, Jan. 18 from 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm, is “Gin and Jupiter.” (Tickets are available over here)

In this otherworldly LSC After Dark adventure, you’ll learn everything you need for a mission through the galaxy. Still unsure about getting a ticket? Let us convince you! Here are 11 reasons you can’t miss LSC After Dark: Gin and Jupiter.

1) Intergalactic Laser Tag

Embrace your inner space warrior!

At the event, we invite you to a game of Intergalactic Laser Tag, where friends and foes lurk around every corner. Once you step inside this incredibly cool arena – armed with lasers! – you’ll never be the same as you fight to defend your corner of the galaxy.

2) Tribble Ball Pit

<i><center>Photo by April O.</i></center>
Photo by April O.

We need your help! A tiny, fuzzy alien species from the Star Trek universe, known as Tribbles, have escaped from their habitat. We need you to hop into our ball pit of 40,000 balls and search for the missing creatures.

3) Experience the Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium

During our new planetarium show, Journey to Jupiter LIVE!, you can learn all about the new discoveries that NASA’s Juno spacecraft has made, including new information about the planet’s core, weather, magnetic field, and more.

For a $5 donation made in-person at the event, you can experience this new show in the largest, most technologically advanced planetarium in the Western Hemisphere right here at LSC!

As a non-profit organization, LSC relies on your support to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers. Your support will help offset the costs for the programs LSC provides to the some 91,000 students from at-risk communities who would otherwise be unable to pay.

Journey to Jupiter LIVE! will play at 7:15 pm, 8:15 pm, and 9:15 pm.

4) Space glove contest

If you thought texting with gloves was a challenge, just wait till you put on a pair of Space Gloves! In the ultimate space glove contest, you’ll race against other guests to complete tasks with astronaut armor.

5) Midnight Market NJ

Enjoy the finest food this universe has to offer! Midnight Market NJ returns again this month with their amazing lineup of local food vendors. Enjoy tapas-style food plates for only $5.

Cash only, please.

6) Free gin tasting

Enjoy delicious gin tastings from Brockmans Gin, Corgi Spirits, and Botanist Gin, brought to you in part by Jersey City Super Buy-Rite Wine & Liquors.

7) Specialty gin bar and smoking cocktails

Over at the Specialty Gin Bar, you can enjoy a selection of unique gin cocktails!

Is gin not really your thing? Don’t worry – we’ve got lots of non-gin beverages, too. In addition to beer and wine, we’re serving otherworldly cocktails like Planetary Punch.

8) Experience the Star Trek exhibition

<i><center>Photo by Max C.</i></center>
Photo by Max C.

For an extra $10, you can experience our newest premium exhibition, “Star Trek: The Starfleet Academy Experience.”

In this hands-on, immersive exhibition based on one of the world’s most popular sci-fi series, you’ll step into the shoes of a newly minted cadet in the 26th century. As you travel through nine different zones, you’ll receive the necessary science, engineering, medical and command training to navigate your way from orientation through graduation.

Both Trekkies and non-Trekkies will be engaged by the science behind the science fiction as you learn how Star Trek paved the way for many of today’s cutting-edge technologies.

As usual, all our permanent exhibitions – such as Touch Tunnel, Infinity Climber, and Our Hudson Home – will be open and included in your general admission ticket.

9) Meet the timber rattlesnake

The universe is filled with odd creatures, but some of the most fascinating ones are right here on Earth! Take, for instance, the timber rattlesnake – LSC’s newest resident. At the party, you can meet the snake and learn more about its unique characteristics (such as its rattle) and its status as an endangered species.

10) Drones, comets, craters, and more

Think you know how to fly a drone? Let’s see if you can complete the ultimate lunar landing! Fly a drone through the stars and help it reach its destination.

But the space adventures only continue from there. The entire building will be filled with space activities, including a crater lab, a comet cookoff, and more.

11) Hit the dance floor!

Show the aliens of this universe how we like to have a good time on Earth! Use your human arms and legs to rock out on the dance floor with DJ Lady Star.

We can’t wait! Click here to get tickets for LSC After Dark: Gin and Jupiter.

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