12 of the coolest things LSC Science Campers get to do this summer

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Every year, Science Camp at Liberty Science Center gets even more amazing. From new courses to new activities, no summer is ever the same.

We’re especially excited for Summer 2017! From saving the world to sailing the seas, check out 10 of the coolest things that kids will get to do at Science Camp this year.

1) Use the force

Calling young padawans! In our Force Academy program, little Lukes and Leias will develop their knowledge of the forces behind Sir Isaac Newton’s three laws of motion.

Campers will join together to test different forces, friction, and more as they complete a variety of engineering design challenges.

For students entering grades 1 and 2.

2) Go to wizard school

Consider this your “owl delivery”! Wizards-in-training are invited to join the Wizard Academy program, where campers will investigate the science behind chemical potions, spells, invisibility, levitation, and more.

Kids will build glowing wands, whip up bubbling brews of slime, and become masters of illusion.

For students entering grades 3 and 4.

3) Become a Pokémon master

Like the Pokémon theme song says…”I want to be the very best, like no one ever was!”

Campers will fulfill their destiny of being Pokémon masters in our Science of Pokémon course by bringing the world of science into the world of Pokémon. Can you learn to harness lightning bolts like Pikachu? Shoot water like Squirtle? Breathe fire like Charizard? Make Professor Oak proud!

For students entering grades 3 and 4.

4) Become a superhero

Oh no! Villains are staging an uprising, and LSC is looking for new superheroes to combat them.

In our Project Alpha: Superheroes course, campers will learn to safely control their new superpowers by diving into the world of physics, biology, and chemistry, as well as design an original superhero.

For students entering grades 5 and 6.

5) Make a bold fashion statement

Or should we say…an electric fashion statement?

In our Clothes Circuit course, the world of electronics and textile design collide! Campers will use various fabrics, conductive thread, lights, and speakers to design interactive wearable electronics.

For students entering grades 5 and 6.

6) Make a marvelous meal

Have dreams of being on the Food Network someday? Science will help you get there!

In our Savory Science course, you’ll experiment with your senses and learn how to use more than just your taste buds to craft culinary creations. Explore how chemistry, biology and even physics add flavor to the world of food.

For students entering grades 5 and 6.

7) Become a “spy kid”

Shhhh – LSC is recruiting secret agents.

In our Secret Agent course, campers will enter the world of espionage and design spy gadgets, crack codes, and navigate mazes. Remember: No mission is impossible with the proper training.

For students entering grades 5 and 6.

8) Travel back in time to the Middle Ages

The past meets the future in our Medieval Siege Engines course!

Campers will learn to use cutting-edge 3D printers, and then take that knowledge back to the Middle Ages where they’ll make catapults, trebuchets, and battering rams, while also exploring the physics and math behind these tools.

For students entering grades 7 and 8.

9) Choreograph your own laser show

Liberty Science Center has the world’s largest IMAX Dome Theater, and in our Lasers, Music, Fun! course, campers can play their own show in it.

Campers will explore the science of lasers and the technology used to create spectacular laser-light displays. Using specialized projectors, teams will produce original laser shows to be showcased in the dome.

For students entering grades 7 and 8.

10) Escape the room!

Escape room challenges are popping up all over the country, and people are loving these twisty, mind-bending experiences.

In our Trapped! course, campers will collaborate to create an elaborate escape-the-room adventure. Time is of the essence as kids design and build a sequence of interactive puzzles using logic, electronics, sensors, and gadgets.

For students entering grades 7 and 8.

11) Sail the seas

All aboard! Campers will embark on a STEM sailing adventure in our STEM Sailing course.

This program intertwines science and the thrill of the open water – campers spend the first half of their day learning the physics of sailing, and the second half of their day applying the skills on a sailboat.

For students entering grades 7 and 8.

12) Become a MythBuster

Follow in the footsteps of Adam and Jamie! In our Bust a Myth program, campers will become MythBusters by busting popular myths, folklore, and old wives’ tales with cool science.

Campers will enhance their experience by visiting LSC’s new premium exhibition, MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibition.

For students entering grades 7 and 8.

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