14 reasons you can’t miss LSC After Dark: Booze and Boogers

LSC After Dark

Prepare to be grossed out! LSC After Dark: Booze and Boogers, our next LSC After Dark event for guests 21 and over, is Aug. 16, 2018 from 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm. Click here for tickets.

At this party about the science of all things GROSS, you’ll learn everything you’ve always wanted to know (but have been too afraid to ask) about vomit, boogers, germs, stink, poop, and more.

Throughout your sickening adventures, you’ll enjoy delicious cocktails and snacks. We can’t wait! In case you need some convincing, here are 14 reasons you can’t miss LSC After Dark: Booze and Boogers.

1) Experience Grossology, our new premium exhibition

You’ve got to check out LSC’s new premium exhibition, Grossology! It’s all about the disgusting (yet fascinating) way the human body works. As you travel through the exhibition, you’ll have adventures and play games that reveal the truth behind boogers, farts, vomit, sweat and more.

A few of the activities include climbing a giant rock wall: except it’s actually a human skin wall, covered with warts, hairs, and wounds! You can also become a dust particle and walk through a giant nose to learn about mucus production, and create different sounds at the Fart Machine.

2) Are you as clean as you think?

Maybe not! Put your hygiene to the test and go head-to-head with a blacklight in our Infection Connection Lab.

3) JC Oddities Market

This month, JC Oddities Market returns with gross and freaky gifts! Browse through different vendors and bring home something strange to your loved ones.

4) Martini Bar and specialty cocktail bar

Enjoy a drink at our Martini Bar, as well as our specialty cocktail bar, featuring drinks such as the Mucus Margarita and Anti-Bugger Juice. Be sure to enjoy your drinks outside on LSC’s patio against the gorgeous NYC skyline.

5) Outdoor adventures

In this beautiful weather, enjoy our popular outdoor exhibitions, Dino Dig and Wildlife Challenge!

At Dino Dig, you’re invited to uncover massive dinosaur bones by digging through 35 tons of sand. Look for more than 60 fossils, many of them replicas of those discovered in Montana by Jack Horner, the famed paleontologist who inspired Jurassic Park.

At Wildlife Challenge, see if you can survive as a wild animal living among streets, sidewalks, and sewers. Crawl, climb, and claw your way through a series of challenges that mimic the experiences of squirrels, spiders, worms, deer, and more.

6) Midnight Market food vendors

Midnight Market returns this month with delicious food plates from local vendors, at only $5 per plate. Cash only, please!

7) Make your own slime

Let’s get gooey! Make your own slime at our Slime Lab and even take it home.

8) Adventures in the Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium and LSC Giant Dome Theater

Enjoy an amazing new show in the Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium and LSC Giant Dome Theater, the biggest planetarium in the Western Hemisphere!

At the Space Ride Planetarium Show, hold onto your seats and try not to hurl as you embark on a roller coaster ride through our solar system. At the Laser Classic Rock Show, you’ll enjoy songs from classic rock artists like David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd set to high-tech lasers.

9) Owl pellet dissection

You know the sound an owl makes, but do you know what it eats? Dig into its vomit (a.k.a. pellets) and find out at the owl pellet dissection.

10) A Peek Inside: Open Heart Surgery

What does a surgery really look like? At LSC After Dark: Booze and Boogers, you can watch a live taping of an open heart surgery, and ask our brilliant team of educators any questions you might have about the on-screen procedure. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to peer directly into an operating room!

11) Free drink tasting

Yum! In addition to our specialty cocktail bar, you can enjoy a free drink tasting. Stay tuned as we reveal this month’s type of drink.

12) Smell something unpleasant at the Dream Machine

One of LSC’s newer exhibitions, the Dream Machine, is a sensory experience like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Use bicycle bumps to produce combinations of colors, sounds and scents – some pleasant, some unpleasant!

Explore each of the different stations to experience a complex range of human emotions, including happiness, disgust, shame, and hope, and learn how our senses trigger different feelings and memories.

13) Dose of Gross live show

Experience our live show, Dose of Gross, and learn about some of the gross parts of the human body, including vomiting, flatulence, boogers, and nose hair.

14) Rock the dance floor

This month’s DJ is DJ Midnite! Join him on the dance floor and unwind with us all night.

We can’t wait! LSC After Dark: Booze and Boogers is Aug. 16, 2018, 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm. Click here for tickets.

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