3D printing technology used to save animals' lives

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Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, and the Hulk are all heroes in The Avengers working tirelessly to save mankind.

But in Brazil there is another group of heroes who call themselves the Animal Avengers! As featured in this article from National Geographic, this team of veterinarians and 3D computer modeling experts work to design and create custom prosthetics for wild and domestic animals using 3D printers.

“We give many animals a second chance. Without these prosthetics, most would have been euthanized because there was nobody to care for them,” Miamoto says.

This summer at LSC Science Camp we are offering a new course called Brace Yourself that explores the world of bioengineering. Campers will be utilizing 3D print technology to design prototypes of prosthetic assistive devices for animal models that would improve mobility and quality of life. Learn to become the newest hero in the lives of animals around us!

Interested in learning more? Contact our Science Camp team at sciencecamp@lsc.org or by phone at 201.253.1380. For course schedule, registration, and more, visit the camp page on our website.

(Photograph by Arun Sankar, Getty Images)

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