8 reasons it rocks to be an associate at Liberty Science Center

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Liberty Science Center is hiring part-time Hospitality Associate and Interpretation Associate positions! They are two of the most crucial roles for helping guests have an incredible experience during their visit to LSC.

The HA and IA positions are perfect for someone who’s friendly and enthusiastic (you’ll be interacting with our guests all throughout the building!), as well as someone who enjoys working with kids and diverse audiences.

Being able to tell your friends that you work at LSC is already cool on its own, but in case you need an extra push, here are 8 reasons it rocks to be an associate at LSC.

1) You get paid to play

We’ve all heard the saying – “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Corny as it sounds, LSC associates can vouch for it!

2) You get to monkey around

Literally. With cotton-top tamarin monkeys!

3) You get to impress your friends with your newfound science knowledge

You’ll be shocked at how much you’ll learn in such a short amount of time.

4) You get a job with a view

Located in the historic Liberty State Park overlooking the New York City skyline, LSC has the greatest view of Manhattan and Lady Liberty.

5) You get the inside scoop on new exhibits and films

We always have exciting new things coming to LSC, and you’ll be one of the first to know.

6) You get messy sometimes

7) You get to work at LSC After Dark

If you’re 18 or older, you’ll get the chance to work at our monthly LSC After Dark events, the hottest new party in Jersey City!

8) You make so many new friends

Seriously the best part!

Click here to apply for the Hospitality Associate position (ideal for applicants interested in learning on the job).

Click here to apply for the Interpretation Associate position (ideal for applicants who have a background in science and/or education, or are currently pursuing a degree in these areas).

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