Watch: The Rubik's Cube world record was just broken...again!

Beyond Rubik's Cube

Congratulations, Feliks Zemdegs! The 20-year-old Australian has just set the new Rubik’s cube world record at 4.73 seconds.

Check it out:

Amazingly, it was just a month ago that Mats Valk, a 20-year-old speed-cuber from the Netherlands, set the record at 4.74 seconds. Fun fact: Valk can be seen in the above video sitting next to Zemdegs, watching his record being broken.

LSC's traveling exhibition about the Rubik's Cube puzzle, Beyond Rubik's Cube, recently started its international tour and can currently be seen at the Global Harbor Museum in Shanghai. In the exhibit, guests can to learn more about the popular puzzle as well as participate in hands-on activities involving the world-famous toy.

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